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"G" Branch Outing The Launch

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"G" Branch Outing  The Launch

Can anyone identify the launch in this photo for me.  I think it may be the RASC launch HUMBER which was modified after wartime service with extra equipment to serve as a VIP launch.  She was permanently assigned to the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Hong Kong,  Major General G. C. Cruddas during the 1950s and used to entertain many distinguished visitors in the area.  I have photos of my late husband on board the launch together with a Captain N (only an initial), Colonel Dawson and Major Pulzer.  All are in civvies and possibly on this "G"  Branch outing.

The crew of HUMBER then comprised 5,  a sergeant coxwain, an engineer and three locally enlisted personnel (LEPs) and if this photo does show her I would love to know.  Please do leave a comment if you can help.  Many thanks,



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, August 11, 1954