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Art Deco style building-Tuen Mun/Castle Peak-1996

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Art Deco style building-Tuen Mun/Castle Peak-1996

This distinctive art-deco style building sits above Leung Mun Road, Tuen Mun. It has been there since at least the early 1960s. In 1996 when this picture was taken I believe it was a Boy's Home of some sort, although when visiting the adjacent roads around it on many occasions, I've never seen any signs of people in the grounds or the building. It appears to have been a private house at one time set in isolation above the original northern shoreline of Castle Peak Bay, facing south. Most of the other private houses/mansions in the area were/are above the Cafeteria Beach area on the opposite side of the Bay. Does anyone know anything about this building's history? 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, June 15, 1996


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I tried to use 青山男童院 in Google search and found some pieces saying a new institution had been rebuilt there:

It's not exactly on Lung Mun Road, however.  If this is the case the old house is already gone.

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It was a Boy's Home since 1958 that was de-commissioned in 1998.  The exact location was at the beginning of the Tsing Shan Monastry Path (off Yeung Tsing Road).  The new instituition was built in the same area.  See this link:

I assume that this building has nothing to so with St Christopher's Home?


It used to be called The Castle Peak Boys' Home!

It was more like a jail for the people who are underaged and committed a crime! My father used to work there till 1982.