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West End Park Road

West End Park Road


was it taken from lyttleton road ? and the path at the centre is nowadays oaklands ?

or is it nowadays st. stephen's girls school ?

This is a very nice photo of the upper section of West End Park. The main road in the photo is Lyttleton Road. The road (footpath) going uphill is part of the upper West End Park connecting Lyttleton Road to Robinson Road. This road is called Oaklands Path now.  The last section of this footpath connecting to Robinson Road had steps and so it was for foot traffic only. This was a very scenic winding footpath with big trees on both sides of the path. An open drainage ditch ran under this path about 100 feet from Lyttleton Road. It also had a couple of streetlights along the way for night walks, a very romantic setting.  This was my favourite place for an evening walk with my parents back in the early sixties when we lived in Lyttleton Road.  In the mid-sixties, this footpath was rebuilt for car traffic.    


 This is a youtube video link on the lower section of the West End Park, i.e., the section between Bonham Road and Lyttleton Road.