Aerial photos:Hong Kong from above | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Aerial photos:Hong Kong from above

Aerial photos:Hong Kong from above

Kowloon around 1963-64. Star House foundations under construction but no Ocean Terminal yet. Homantin area still undeveloped hills. IDJ



Hi there,

There is much to tell in this photo:

1.   Canton Road Police Quarters;

2.   Government Dockyard;

3.   The former Hyatt Regency block;

4.   The then new reclamation in TST E still in progress;

5.   The unpartitioned Whitfield Barracks (in a few years it would become Kowloon Park)

6.   Old Mirima Hotel

7.   The original Chatham Road in full view;

8.   Whampao Dockyards;

9.   The lawn of the radio station in Hung Hum.  The towers were not visible in this resolution;

10.  The Hong Kong Observatory

11.  King George V Memorial Park at Jourdan/Canton.  They used to have an area full of Dai Pai Dongs there.  The Park is still there, but heavily remodelled.  Dai Pai Dongs are either gone or moved to the Municipal Service Building nearby;

12.  Some other hotels at around Middle Road and Nathan Road, south bound.  Was it the Ambassador or was it something else?

13.  The KCRC terminus/Marine Police HQ/Signal Hill/The Peninsula/YMCA Internal House lot.....

Ocean Termainal won't be there until 1966.

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