1930s Queen's Rd Central & Wellington St (Oval Postbox) | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1930s Queen's Rd Central & Wellington St (Oval Postbox)

1930s Queen's Rd Central & Wellington St (Oval Postbox)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1935


Is this the Ho Tung Building, then ?  Wellington on the right, Queen's Road C on the left ?

Yes, the view as mentioned is correct. But I am not sure whether or not that the building was called the Ho Tung Building.

Clara Ho Tung, a Hong Kong Lady by Irene (Ho Tung) Cheng - 1976

Father built the Ho Tung Building there, with Chinese shops on the ground floor and living accommodation above, while on the Homestead site, Government built a block of six large flats for senior Government officials,

Xianggang shang ye hui bao - 1958

The former Fire station was situated at the junction of Queen's Road Central, and Wellington Street, which is the site of the present Ho Tung Building.

Eastern windows - Western skies - Jean (Ho Tung) Gittens - 1969

In exchange of the Homestead property and a very large site Government had given him an entire city block, the site of the old Central Fire Station on which he was to erect the Ho Tung Building.