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1930s Queen's Rd Central & Wellington St (Oval Postbox)

1930s Queen's Rd Central & Wellington St (Oval Postbox)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1935


Is this the Ho Tung Building, then ?  Wellington on the right, Queen's Road C on the left ?

Yes, the view as mentioned is correct. But I am not sure whether or not that the building was called the Ho Tung Building.

Clara Ho Tung, a Hong Kong Lady by Irene (Ho Tung) Cheng - 1976

Father built the Ho Tung Building there, with Chinese shops on the ground floor and living accommodation above, while on the Homestead site, Government built a block of six large flats for senior Government officials,

Xianggang shang ye hui bao - 1958

The former Fire station was situated at the junction of Queen's Road Central, and Wellington Street, which is the site of the present Ho Tung Building.

Eastern windows - Western skies - Jean (Ho Tung) Gittens - 1969

In exchange of the Homestead property and a very large site Government had given him an entire city block, the site of the old Central Fire Station on which he was to erect the Ho Tung Building.

Yes, it was called Ho Tung Hong 何東行 in Cantonese.