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Reference "Any Ideas where this is?"

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Reference "Any Ideas where this is?"

This is the best I can do with the sign outside th house that I asked about yesterday. Maybe this will help you phik.



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1860


Hi there,

The column at the middle of the sign read 日本郵船公司。 It's modern day incarnation would be the NYK Line (Nippon Yusen Kaisha).

There is also an entry in Wiki about NYK Line.

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Thanks T

Interestingly when my grandfather and grandmother left HK for the last time to live in the UK thy sailed on a NYK line ship and this notice appeared in the South China Morning Post on November 11, 1921 says:
Leaving by the Atsuta Maru today are Mr and Mrs J.Olson and Mr C.W.Olson”.

The C.W person was my great uncle.

However, this picture seems to have been taken much before that date and iI  speculate it was when my great grandfather arrived around 1869. He was a Swedish sailor who shipped to Lisbon from Karlshamn in Sweden in 1858, The picture has also been speculatively identified as being in Macau. Other pictures  which seem to be from the same set would have been 1860s as far as I can make out. They are posted on the site if you check the images.

Many thanks. S