Norman Lawson's photos, page 27 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Norman Lawson's photos, page 27

Norman Lawson's photos, page 27
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


my posting to 117SU was from October 1957 to September 1959.

As I recall the transfer of operations was in Jan 59 after S/Ldr Inkson was tour-ex and new Co arrived. The bleakness of TMS after the relative warmth and airiness of MD was significant  -  mostly evident in the lack of bods outside the buildings during breaks.  

MD must have been the best posting in the Colony which was reckoned to be the second best RAF posting worldwide after Washington.

TMS although at altitude brought us down to earth, and humidity, with quarters transferred to Kai Tak, and the customary large camp regulation

I had the great good fortune to to posted to MD in 1954 and left, time ex in January 1956. I can honestly say that not a day has passed that it ha been on my mind. In 2009, I returnd to HK for the first time and was taken up to MD by Barrester who shares his time between London and HK. 3 of the guys who were there with me and I now keep in regular contact. We meet in the London area as often as we can. They are Leo Miller, Brian Koering and Brendan Gammon. Sadly Brendan died earlier this year. Any others who would like to join us please email me at, meanwhile, many thanks for the website and photographs. Les Walker