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Aberdeen Street, Looking North

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Aberdeen Street, Looking North

Hong Kong Museum of History

The earliest view of Aberdeen Street just off Hollywood Road. A vibrant depiction of Aberdeen Street, just below the junction with Hollywood Road in the mid 1840s showing some of the earliest western architecture in the new colony. This charming Street scene shows a boy with a hoop and people intermingling between newly constructed colonial buildings with a distant view of the harbour and Kowloon at the centre of the picture. An East Indiaman appears at anchor beside Chinese junks.

A copy of this lithograph is in the permanent collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It is illustrated on page 21 in Hong Kong, The Changing Scene, A Record in Art , published by the Urban Council, Hong Kong in 1980.

Murdoch Bruce was an architect - engineer who worked for the Government of Hong Kong constructing the earliest buildings and roads. His title was “Inspector of Buildings and Overseer of Roads for the Hong Kong Administration".

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1846