JUMBO RESTAURANT | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



Photo taken from Brick Hill Road.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, July 1, 1972


The fire was on 30th Oct 1971. It didn't reopen again until 1976. Excellent picture.

Does anyone remember the film that used footage of the fire? I thought it was a James Bond film but can't remember (or perhaps I just imagined it all...)

i remember a very vivid depiction in clavell's noble house novel (alongside some vibrant descriptions of landslides)- no idea if it ever made celluloid however -lost those epic books in a house move- more's the pity, just might need to re-buy :)

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I had had an impression of reading somewhere online that the Nobel House movie used a replica of the Jumbo for the exterior inferno/diving/rescue shots.  The internal scene is difficult to tell as it could easily be constructed by skilled carpenters.

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I found this shot in my film snaps folder and noticed it included the burned out shell of the former Jumbo in the background (note the toppled roof as per Fivestar's 1972 photo.

Looks like they just left it in the harbour then until such time it was removed. This film was made in the spring of 1973, so at least 1.5 years after the fire.

Jumbo Restaurant 1973

Here's a closer photo of the burnt out Jumbo restaurant, taken the same time as my first.