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Stokes Bungalow

Stokes Bungalow

Article that went with this graphic:

Open Air Ball on the Peak
The Graphic, December 29, 1888

This entertainment was given at Hong Kong on the 20th July by the residents of Stokes' Bungalow which is situated on the Peak. The Peak is the hill refuge from the hot summer nights of the town, and is accessible either by a chair and four bearers in an hour, or by the steep grade tramway in half-an-hour. The chief feature of the dance was that it was held in the open air on a brilliant moonlight night. There was a beautiful view of the distant sea and islands and the general effect was very lovely. A number of Chinese lanterns were put round a tennis court and across the middle, where was stretched a drugget. Tables were placed left to right at the near end of the court, and a matshed was erected for the band and lit up with chinese lanterns.

Our engravings are from sketches sent by Mr. A. P. Stokes, Supreme Court House, Hong Kong.

(Ed Note:Hong Kong directory for 1888 list H.Z. Just for Stokes' Bungalow West, and B.Layton, Stoke's Bungalow East.)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, July 20, 1888


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