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sign on wall, Tai Hang

sign on wall, Tai Hang
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Monday, October 26, 2009


I wouldlove to know what these are. I am sure I have seen them coloured blue and yellow as well.

I guess these are signs for nearby hydrants. Can anyone tell us the meaning of the words and numbers inside the house sign?

Aren't they used to identify the type of duct work located in the ground nearby? Gas, electricty, phone, water etc

I remember seeing an explanation by FLICKR user Keroseneian once but I can't seem to find it at the moment. I'll keep looking.

Hi I did a walk around Aberdeen today and found one sign and asked the guy in the hardware store about it. He told me it is part of an old British system or markings - no longer used. The signs still seem to be maintained in some places. I am vry curious.


I asked an older policeman today. He didn't know what the signs are for.

I asked at the post office - suggested by the hardware guy the other day. They didn't know.

Hi there,

The FH sign in red is most likely having something to do with the Fire hose in the foreground.  FH 801 on the sign vs  Fire Hose 801

In this respect, for the Black signs, I would speculate it would have something to do with other public utilty facilities.  

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Perhaps the GV stands for "Gigavolt"? I was wandering around Yau yat Chuen yesterday and noticed a building with some brand new plastic signs (rather than painted ones). Unfortunately didn't have my camera. Will get them next time.

If it was Gigavolt for electricity cables your shoes would melt underfoot. More likely Gas-Valve to indicate the nearest isolation point for the fire brigade or emergency services in the event of an underground pipework leak of domestic Town-Gas or a leak in an adjacent building.

That makes more sense IDJ :-) But what do you think the numbers stand for?