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1910s Waglan Island Lighthouse

1910s Waglan Island Lighthouse
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1910


Isn't this Waglan Island, not Green Island?

The shape certainly looks like the Waglan Island lighthouse. HK discovery did an article on the various lighthouses a few months ago.

Green Island has two: the older one being a smaller brick stone structure that stands immediately next to the later addition. Neither of which look like the one in the postcard above.

I have this Postcard.  It says Waglan on the Back.


yep, lighthouse still same today, though other buildings have changed


Green Island here: http://www.heritage.gov.hk/en/buildings/lighthouse.htm

Unfortunatley, the postcard that was submitted did not say Waglan. Then Waglan it is. Will amend the location. Thanks!