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1950s Queen's Road Central (near Pottinger St)

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1950s Queen's Road Central (near Pottinger St)
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1955


I recognize a few shops in the picture:

The one on the hillside of Q's Rd C, near the centre of the photo, known as Kai Man Silk Shop (Greyish pillar with white characters), sold fine silk and embroidery products. It was at the west side of the junction between Pottinger Street and Q's Rd. Central. Man Yee Building was on the opposite side (harbour side) of Q's Rd. C.

There was a shop with a red vertical signboard further west of Kai Man. "Pak Lo Sin" was a medicinal oil produced by this company. There was a "Pak Lo Sin Building" erected later, also in Q's Rd. C., but I am not sure if it was at the same site.


Further west to "Pak Lo Sin" in the photo is a dark grey vertical signboard named "Diamond Restaurant". It did not operate for too long there. Might have moved elsewhere or folded.


TW Wong