1950s view southwards along Nathan Rd from Shamrock Hotel | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1950s view southwards along Nathan Rd from Shamrock Hotel

1950s view southwards along Nathan Rd from Shamrock Hotel

Received by email:

Nathan Rd southbound with Austin Rd below and Whitfield Barracks on right. Photo taken from Shamrock Hotel

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


The Shamrock Hotel opened to business on 17th January,1952.

I believe that the small white hut on the rhs of the road, to the right of the upper bus, was an office for the Kowlooon Bus Company.  I think there are two inspectors standing on the pavement there.  Under the trees about 30 yards from the hut was an emergency water tank, built of red bricks, standing about 8 feet high and 40 feet long. 

St Andrews Church was just out of picture on the bottom left of the picture.

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I believe the church should instead be around the upper left of the pgotom right behind the woods.

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Quite right, I stand corrected.

Judging by the height of these photos the Shamrock Hotel must have been one of the tallest buildings in HK at the time. Is it still the original building there now?

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Yes, the Hotel is still there.  I believe it is the same building.

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Yes,the same building.

Thanks T and Raymond.

Actually, perhaps the Batgung guys and gals can help me out - I'm looking for an old photo which includes 218 Nathan Road (almost directly opposite the Shamrock) right next door to Tak Shing Street. Have no idea if such a photo exists but I guess any shot of the general area may include the building, it looks as though the two photos from the top of the Shamrock aren't quite close enough though.

It's the Four Seas Building now, but in a previous life it was a tenement where Bruce Lee lived from 1941 onwards.

Phil, here is a view of the general area looking north towards the former London Theatre and Shamrock Hotel on the left.

1961 Nathan road


1960s Shamrock Hotel

That block that you refer to; did it have 'Livingstone Tailors'at the north end of it? About late fifties or so . I remember in winter there was always a hot chestnut vendor on the corner of Tak Shing St. and Nathan Rd. and a little further down, between Tak Shing St. and Austin Rd. there was a great toy shop, called the 'Sunny Company'.

thanks Moddsey and Richard.

 I guess the area in the 'looking north' picture might be where the green signage is sticking out mid-picture - just above left of the two buses on the right hand side?

I have no idea about the tailors but I suspect it is something that can be confirmed. I wish my memory was as good as yours, sometimes I can't remember what I as doing five minutes ago!!

It would appear that the corner of Tak Shing St and Nathan Rd is quite a popular and busy spot. On some nights in the same corner, one can still see a chestnut vendor using his shovel to roast his chestnuts, so to speak!