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1910s Queen's Road near Arsenal Street

1910s Queen's Road near Arsenal Street

Another tram photo of Queensway before it joins with Queens Road East near Arsenal St. You can see the pillars along the fence at the main entrance of Victoria Barracks and the hill slope to the left of photo where the present day Arsenal St air raid shelters are located. One of the pillars is still standing today.

When this photo was taken, Hennessy Road did not exist. So trams would have to make a couple of sharp turns, first from Queen's Rd (present-day Queen's Rd E.) into Arsenal Street (that section of Asenal St. no longer exists, but you can see the turn at the very front of the picture above). Then another sharp turn from Arsenal St. into Johnston Rd (then called Praya East). That junction was about where the petrol station on Arsenal St is located today.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1910


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