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Who is Bruce Lee's biology maternal grandmother what's his German blood come from ?

I read this forum I find someone said Bruce Lee mother Grace Ho just adopted by Ho kam Tong so Ho kam-Tong not Bruce Lee biology grandfather I also heard Bruce Lee mother have German from her maternal side so what's her German blood come from who is her biology mother


In "Ho Kom Tong, A man for all seasons" published 2003 it says:

"HoO Kom-Tong's last mistress was a Russian Eurasian who lived in Shanghai.  She was never officially accepted as a concubine, but Ho Kom-Tomg gave her an allowance, which she collected each month from his nephew Sai-Kim, Sir Robert Ho Tung's son.  One of her daughters, Grace (Pak-Yeung), spent some summers at Sai UK [the house on Conduit Road where most of Ho Kom Tong's thirteen concubines lived], but Ho Kom Tong was disappointed when she married an actor Lee Hoi Cheun, against his wishes.  One of her sons was Lee Siu-Lung (Bruce Lee)."

"aet" in 2010 on Gwulo writes:

Bruce Lee's mother, Grace HO Oi-yu (b.1907 d.1996) was an Eurasian and an adopted daughter of Ho Kom-tong and a women by the name of CHEUNG King-sin (b. 1866 d. 1960). Cheung was an Eurasian, cousin of Clara Ho Tung. She lived in Shanghai most of her life.

Grace spent part of her childhood in Hong Kong, living at the Ho Tung Garden in the Peak under the care of Clara Ho Tung. Grace later married Lee Hoi-chuen (b. 1902 d. 1965)



When I researched for the Ho Kom-tong book in 2002, the story on Bruce Lee was from information (sometimes conflicting) gathered from family members. Since 2002, more information became available. The latest information I have are from a cousin of Bruce Lee's who now lives in China, and still maintains close contact with the Ho Tung family.

Bruce Lee's maternal grandmother Cheung King-sin (b.1866 d. 1960) was from Shanghai. She could have been a cousin of Clara Ho Tung because Clara's maiden name was Cheung. I assumed she was Clara's cousin because she and her family was looked after by the Ho Tung household. Clara was a second, or probably third generation Eurasian. No one knows for sure.

Cheung King-sin had three daughters. Alice Pak-yung (b.1899 d. 1976), Lily Pak-ngan (b.1900 d.2000)  and Bruce Lee's mother Grace Oi-yu (b. 1907 d. 1966). From the photos that I have seen, Grace looked more Eurasian than her two sisters.

My source told me Bruce Lee's mother Grace was "adopted". But why would Cheung Kin-sin adopted another daughter when she already had two daughters? There is no definite answer.




Who is Grace Ho biology mother where does her German blood come from I couldn't find any more detail in the Internet! why most Chinese media say Grace Ho was Eurasian with German blood but no single media could give a detail about it? Or probably Chinese media just talk at random? Who know the inside story

Rev. Guy Shea in an interview with Veronica Needa:

Do you know anything about my granny's adoptive mother ?  I think she was called Anne Hunter.  Is that correct?

I don't know what her name was, but I do know something about her.  She made a living by buying young girls, and bringing them up.

Like courtesans?

No !  They were not courtesans, they were adopted, brought up and then married off for a - daaih lai see - big money packet.  That's why your mother has so many so called 'Aunties'!.

see http://gwulo.com/node/8668

Hello, AET and anyone who might know.

As I do not live in Hong Kong, do you know where I can buy a copy of your book? Can it be ordered online?

Thank you.


AET has some colour copies of the book Tracing my Children's Lineage by Eric Peter Ho.

I can collect a copy from AET and send it to you for HK$250 plus postage.  You can pay me via PayPal.

Use the "contact us" link at the top of the page and David can send you my email.



Thanks for offering - in fact I've already ordered that one and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

The book I haven't yet ordered and would be interested to get is "Ho Kom Tong, A man for all seasons". I'm researching my (Eurasian) family history and am particularly interested to know if the book contains any family tree charts that may be useful.


In "Seasons" there are only two family trees - 1) Ho Kom Tong children and grandchildren by his wife, and 2) a chart of his children by all concubines (no grandchildren and no concubines shown - just the 30 kids).

"Tracing" has much more detail, including concubine names and more dates of birth.  I've been entering it into a geneology software program, but with 10 kids to each family, the chart, if I printed it, would literally be off the wall.

Do you have Peter Hall's "In the Web" ?  It is hard to come by.  


The Ho Kom-tong book does not have family trees of other Eurasian families. You should refer to Peter Hall's "In the Web" if you need more information on Hong Kong Eurasians. His second edition should be available this year.

Alternatively, you may refer to the Carl T. Smith's collection at the Public Records Office.

Contact me at andrew.tse@me.com if you need more info.


Yes, I do have a copy of In The Web and have been in touch with Peter Hall recently regarding the updated edition. I have a specific question about a Ho family member that may be answered in the charts from Eric Ho's book, but I'll now contact AET by email to see if he might know.

Many thanks for your suggestions!


 The Chinese description is wrong

Ms. SZE (涉外婚婦/protected woman)

婚婦 means married woman in English but Ms. Sze just protected woman not a married woman

It's wikipedia.  So you can go ahead and correct it there.  That is what I have been doing.   Or, if you post the correct Chinese here and I'll post it on wiki.

I can't correct it because this article owned by it's owner no one can correct it but the owner

In my opinion 涉外婚婦 should be corrected to 涉外婦

涉外婦 that's means that woman has relationship with foreigner



I've corrected it.  I wonder why I can do it, but you can't ?  The mystery that is Wilipedia.

I got it wrong I think that Wikipedia don't allow another people edit it because this article belong by certain user I never edit such kind of article owned by Wikipedia's user I take for granted to think it will be violate the user copy right if I edit it thanks for your explanation

I have another question many page stated Ho Tung's father died in 1892  (1839-1892) at age 53 the age of his dead still have little different with Gwulo page  please find the following




Thanks.  I wrote the Bosman Gwulo page.  My arithmetic is terrible :)  I have corrected it.


Whether it's misspelling?

 Kong Kong (later Queen's College) ? kong kong? = Hong Kong

Four years later, Bosman married Mary Agnes Forbes in San Francisco, California 4 October 1977

1977 ? maybe  1877 is right

one more misspell ?

About Bosman

When he was 29, he was part owner of the Hongkong Hotel in 1968

1968??? Maybe 1868 is correct


Thank you.  Now corrected.

What's Ho Kom-tong mistress Cheung King-sin in Chinese character?