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Photos tagged "1960s Hong Kong"

1955 Winner House Hotel

1950s Star Hotel Restaurant and Night Club

Edward Tyrer QPM, CPM Commissioner of Police 1966-1967

Barker Road Houses 1966

1956 New York Theatre

1968 Hotel Miramar - View to the West

Junction of Hennessy Road and O'Brien Road

1960 Approaching HK

1960s Upper Peak Tram Station

c.1960 Kellett Island

Cream album 030.jpg

Hotel Merlin

1960 Kai Tak Aerial View

1960s Classic Car

Aerial View of Kam Tin 1960s (HKU Images)


1960s Kai Tak Airport

Law Courts

Hakka Woman and Child - Tai Po - late 1960's

1960s Kat Hing Wai

1960s Nathan Road

Lutheran Mission Childrens' Milk Bar

1960s Ocean View Court

1960s Sea Palace Floating Restaurant

1960 Shek Kip Mei Estate

SS Chusan

KCR Terminus

1960 Lau Fau Shan

1960s Boys feeding chickens

1960s Hong Kong

1960s Wanchai Open Market

c.1960 cheero club hongkong.jpg

Star Ferry 1960

10 Bluff Path

1960's Junk

View from Tantallon

1960 King Wah

Photo Booklets

1960s Nathan Road

1960s Broadway Cinema

1960 Greenville Amusement Park Archway

Roxy Movie Sign

City Hall 1960

1960s Luk Yuen

1960s coastline

1960s Sun Ya Hotel, Nathan Road, Mong Kok

1960s Anton Street

Level Crossing 平交道口 : SAN FUNG AVENUE 新豐路 / SAN WAN LANE 新運里 ( 1911 - 1981 )

Kai Tak Approach Lights

Junction of Kansu and Battery Street

Old Houses 71 Mount Kellett Road (174 The Peak)

1964 55 Bty, 49 Field Regt. RA stationed at Dodwell's Ridge Camp

KCR Railway Workshops

1960 Yee Wo St

1960 Kai Tak Airport

1960 Granville Road

Hankow Road 1960's

Kai Tak Approach lights - and Runway

Man Mo Temple

Haven’t a clue where this is other than HK.

1960 Royal Theatre

Castle Peak Hotel

1960s The Globe Cinema

St Joan of Arc School

tower a.jpg

1960s Junction of Caine Road and Arbuthnot Road

1960s Castle Peak Bay

1960s Lai Chi Kok beach

Coca-cola + Pepsi-cola

1960 Hennessy Road at night

1960s Kat Hing Wai

1960s Tai Pak Floating Restaurant

1960s Connaught Road Central

Hospital Road 1960

1960 RAF Little Sai Wan

1960s Tiger Balm Gardens

Boys + chickens


Middle Autumn Festival, Hong Kong - Commercial Slide

Deep Water Bay

Street Sellers - Hollywood Road - Late 1960's

1960s Peak Cafe

1960s Miramar Hotel

1960 Kai Tak Runway

Lok Ma Chau - Map of border region c.1960

1960 Kai Tak Airport - Kowloon City Roundabout

Unknown Temple - Can Anyone Recognise ?

196x pic taken at victoria park

1960s TST Hotel Map

Royal Mail Launch with Kowloon dockyard in background

1960s Sha Tin rail tracks

1960 Tsim Sha Tsui Back Street

1960s Cinemas in Kowloon

1960 Yan Chim Kee, Wong Chuk Hang

Kowloon Wharf from "The World of Suzie Wong"

Princes Building 1960

c.1960 Bungalows on Lantau


TST Post Offices: Old & Older

View of Hong Kong circa 1960 Peak Tram HK

1960 Mercury House

1960s Sun Ya Hotel & Ritz Cinema, Nathan Road, Mongkok

1960 YMT Nathan Road

Kai Tak Approach lights - and Runway

1960s Granville Road

Old Houses 71 Mount Kellett Road (174 The Peak)

BOAC Comet 4 G-APDJ at Kai Tak - late 1960's

1960 Granville Road

Star House

1960s Nathan Road

1960 Humphreys Avenue

Kai Tak Approach lights - and Runway

1960s Honor Hotel

Poor Mans Night Club at Night

Aerial View of TST c1960

Victoria Harbour and the Macau Ferry Pier, Sheung Wan

1960s Nathan Road at Night

1960s Central Star Ferry Subway

1960 Kai Tak Airport at Night

Kai Tak Approach Lights

Younger child + bottles

1960s Shamrock Hotel

1960s Tai Pak Floating Restaurant

Philip Harding Klimanek in the United Kingdom, ca. 1960
Shell House

Timeline (Kowloon) Government Dockyard 1949-1973

1960s Traffic Pagoda

1960 Shau Kei Wan Road

1960's Admiralty dock

1960s King's Road

1960 Approaching HK3


1960s Hong Kong

Squatter Huts, 'H' Blocks & Early Resettlement Blocks - late 1960's.

1960s Whiteaway Dept Store - Nathan Rd (Telephone House)

Middle Autumn Festival, Hong Kong - Commercial Slide

Traffic Policeman

Blind Beggar - Battery Path Central District - late 1960's

1960s Sea Palace Floating Restaurant

1960 Yee Wo Street

Fisher-folk Children Sha Tau Kok -1960's


1960s Central District Map

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

1960s Paramount Theatre and Nightclub

Nathan Road c.1960

Hong Kong At Night - Paramount Theatre and Nightclub

Peak Mansions 1960

Signal Hill & Lighthouse


1960s Ambassador Hotel

1960s Queen's Road

1960s TST Clock Tower

1960s Tai Yuen Street, Wanchai

Victoria Park

Fishing Junk, Hong Kong


Kowloon Cricket Club 1960


Family 'Export' Business - 1960's.

1960s Street in Causeway Bay

1960s Birthday Party

1960s Wanchai tram

1960's Victoria Park

The Peak Tram Hong Kong 1960

1960 map of block bounded by DVRC / Potttinger St / Connaught Rd / Douglas St.jpg

Nathan Road Eastern Model Supply toy shop

Kai Tak Approach lights - and Runway

Deerhill Bay

HK Central 1960s 1.JPG

1960s Kowloon City pier

1960 Gingles Restaurant

Des Voeux Road West looking towards & Connaught Road

1960s Granville Road

St. Pau's Hospital & surroundings

Views of Hong Kong 1960 Peak Tram HK

1960s Junction of Nathan & Austin Roads

1960 RAF Sha Tin


1960 Central

Kai Tak Approach Lights - from the Street

1960s Tsim Sha Tsui

1960s North Point Wharves

1960s Hennessy Rd/Percival Street & New York Cinema

Christ the King Procession at Hong Kong Stadium

1960s: The next Wanchai reclamation begins

Connaught Road seafront

TST in the mid 1960s

Suzie Wong film shoot a.

Suzie Wong film shoot b.

Morrison Hill

New Territories

Chiphei (?) Cafe VW minibus

Sampans in Staunton Creek with Ap Lei Chau in the distance

Staunton Creek

Overlooking houses in Happy Valley

View over Wanchai

Train on bridge

New Territories

Wong Chuk Hang

Leighton Hill

Lorraine J. Ford

Arsenal & Fenwick Streets

Looking out over Wanchai and Causeway Bay

New Territories

Children at Wong Chuk Hang

Aberdeen, with sampans for the floating restaurants

Tiger Balm Gardens

Southorn Playground

Holland-China Trading Company: 1960 stamp Photostat, Hong Kong Photocopy Service

GILMAN MOTORS-Hillman Minx-Extra Power Elegance, Safety and Comfort

Gurkhas disembarking the Nevasa in 1960

1960 Kowloon City Roundabout

1960 Middle Road Car Park (Open Air)

1960 Cornwall Avenue

Chequer board hill with radar unit on top

Sea Terminal-location Navy Street

Hong Kong -Tonnachy Ballroom-leaflet-1960s

WInner House Hotel-Kings Road & Sunning House Hotel-Hysan Avenue-adverts

Air Hostess movie-All aboard!!

National Toy Company & The Union Toy Company adverts.jpg

Gin Drinkers Bay-ship breaking

RAF Shatin-headquarters location

Royal Navy Scimitar on typical Hong Kong aircraft carrier

Tai Pak floating restaurant, Castle Peak 1960s

Macau-Penha Hill-was thought to be Castle Peak-follow the ID saga in Comments

Cable and Wireless station, Hung Hom

Tonnachy & Oriental Ballrooms-leaflet & dance ticket.jpg

Kotewall Road-1961

Russian Restaurant-Humphrey's Avenue-advert

Hong Kong-RAF Shatin-3 Austers in compound & 1 taking off-see shadow on runway-1960

Whiteaways department store advert 1960

Kai Tak airport site given up when new runway built-early1960s

1961 Central view

Nathan Road 1960's

Carlsberg Ad. 1960.

Doris Woods retires

Family outing to KGV!

Hong Kong State Theatre - Commercial Slide

1961 Carnarvon Road

1960s Miramar Hotel

P&O SS Chusan

1961 Canton Road

1960s City Hall Construction

1961 RAF Comet

1961 Kai Tak Airport

Nathan Road Eastern Model Supply, Marklin models dealer .jpg

1961 Tsim Sha Tsui Back Street

1961 Kowloon Bowling Green Club

1961 Haiphong Road - 'Blue' Taxicab

Hong Kong's foundations

1961 Whampoa dock

1961 Whitfield Barrack view

1961 Hennessy Rd

1961 Admiralty view

1961 TST Streetscene (1)

Hong Kong's foundations

1961 Austin Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel

1961 Granville Road

1961 Kowloon Sham Shui Po and Cheung Sha Wan air view

Kowloon Wharves

1961 Unknown Street

1961 Map of Buildings between Ice House St and Pedder St

1961 Chatham Road

1961 Kowloon Cricket Club

1960s Blake Pier

Wan Chai Fire Station

1961 Junction of Lock Road and Nathan Road

1960s Panorama: Hong Kong at dusk

1961 Bristol Avenue

1961 Kai Tak Airport

Hong Kongs foundations

Alhambra Building

1961 Kai Tak Airport Temporary Control Tower

1961 Former British American Tobacco Factory and Office

1961 Nathan rd 72 Cheong Hing Store

1960s Nathan Road

Old Peak Road c.1961

Peak Tram lower terminus

1961 Golden Gate Hotel

1961 Mody Road

1961 Kai Tak Runway (SE end) and Channel Rock

1961 Nathan road

1961 Junction of Jordan Road and Nathan Road

1961 Junction of Observatory Road and Nathan Road

August Moon Hotel 1961

1961 Salisbury Road

1961 Carnavon Road at TST

1961 RAF Sek Kong

Hong Kongs foundations

The unveiling of the Yu To Sang statue,Yu To Sang Memorial School, Bonham Road, 28th March 1961.

Harry Owen Hughes Retirement.jpg

USAF plane crashes into Shaukiwan hill-1961

1961 City Hall Construction

Gun Club Hill School, HK. July 1961.jpg

1961 Chatham Road Looking North

1961 Statue Square - Princess Alexandra's Visit

HSBC c.1961 - Statue Square - Princess Alexandra visit 1961

1961 Central banks decorated for Princess Alexandra's visit

Foyer Foundation Stone 1961

1962 Causeway Bay - Western Entrance to Victoria Park

Peak Tram at Barker Road

Quarry Bay 1962

1960s King's Road

Harcourt Road 1962.jpg

1962 Bristol Avenue

Silvermine Bay Holiday Camp

1962 Wanchai waterfront

1960s Kai Tak Observation Deck

kwun tong industrial area ca. 1962

1962 Junction of Wellington and Pottinger Street

Tsang Tai Uk 1960's

1962 Junction of Nathan Road and Salisbury Road

Star Ferry Hong Kong

Des Voeux Rd C

1960s Honolulu Restaurant and Bar

1962 Anton Street

1962 Cameron Road

1962 Junction of Arsenal Street and Hennessy Road

1962 American President Liner - Kowloon Wharf

Banks at Queen's Road Central

1962 Kai Tak Airport - Temporary Passenger Terminal Building

1960s Wyndham St

1960s Junction of Sung Wong Toi Road and Olympic Avenue

SS Canton 1962

CO 1069-479-01

Magazine Gap Road

1962 Map of Silvermine Bay

Tidal basin 1962

1962 street. Where was this taken?

1962 Junction of Granville and Carnarvon Roads

1962 Junction of Castle Peak and Tai Po Roads

1962 Eucliffe

1962 Cox's Road

Old Frame for Gas Lamp ? - Rutter St

P P O'Regan DSI Mui Wo Police Station 1962.jpg

Peak Tram Bridge over Kennedy Road

1962 Kowloon west

Tiger Balm Garden

1962 Junction of Pei Ho Street and Ki Lung Street

Telegraph Bay 1962

Dormitory at Silvermine Bay Holiday Camp

1962 Granville Road

Kowloon-West 1962

1962 Laichikok swimming pavilion

1962 China Fleet Club

Control Tower at Kai Tak

1960s Kai Tak Observation Deck

1962 View from above Stubbs Road

Mui Wo Police Station 1962.jpg

1962 Fenwick Pier Servicemen's Guide


1962 Junction of Cameron and Carnarvon Roads

1960s President Hotel

1962 Kai Tak Airport

1962 View from the Peak

Kowloon Wharves-1960s

Fong Sum-film star-Kai Tak-1962

Central District-redevelopment proposal model-1962

Sea Terminal

Admiralty District-redevelopment proposal model-1962

Sea Terminal-passenger area and shops

Conduit Road-1962

1960s RAF Kai Tak

BOAC arrival students

1962 Kennedy Road - Queue for School Places

Garden of Remembrance - Opening Ceremony 30 August 1962

RAF losses-Typhoon Wanda.jpg

Sr G.Aurely-retired Hong Kong businessman-1962


Building with open area in front

University spires

Taikoo III


1960s Rennie's Mill

China Provident

1960s Quarry Bay

Ship in Junk Bay

2nd ship

Capsized SS Cronulla

1960s Seafront at Sai Ying Pun

1963-Aerial View of Maryknoll Convent School, Hong Kong

Mobil Oil Tank + Li Chai Kok Hospital .jpg

1960s Queen's Rd Central & Wellington St

1963 Tai Po

Yau Yat Chuen Club


1963 The Mandarin Hotel = 文華酒店

1963 map of TST

c.1963 View over Admiralty and Central towards Stonecutters Island

Hung Hom Piers 1963

1963 Shatin Heights Hotel

1963 Hanoi Road

科士街牛房 Forbes Street Checkpoint and Abattoir 1963, Hong Kong

Map of Wan Chai in 1963 (Chinese Version)

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

1960s Salisbury Road

1963 Carnarvon Road

Ashore in Hong Kong

Yau Yat Chuen Club

Tsang Tai Uk 1960's

Tai Po aerial circa 1963

1963 Jordan Road

1963 Nathan Road - Swindon Bookshop

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

1960s Carlton Hotel

1963 Wanchai view

University Aerial Photo 1963

Yau Yat Chuen Club

Ill-fated GARUDA Lockheed Electra L-188 PK-GLB taxiing at Kai Tak - 1962/3

Shatin Inn Roadsign

1963 Wanchai to Causeway Bay

1963 Swimming Pool

Beaconsfield House

The Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Co Ltd = 香港黃埔船塢有限公司1963

1963 軒尼詩道 = Hennessy Road

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Gillies Ave pier aerial view 1963

Queen's Road East

Detail of Hollywood Road in Feb 1963 Showing Central Theatre

Hong Kong Correspondents Club 00.jpg

Morrison Hill Aerial

Lamma 1963 Aerial Mo Tat village

Navigational Aids in the Waters of the Colony 1963

1963 5 5 mong kok ferry pier

Royal Theatre at Nathan Road in 1963

Water shortages-empty reservoirs means water rationing

Water rationing-every possible container will have to suffice


Water rationing-everyone has to queue

Assembling-multi-tap-distribution manifolds for street-side use

Water rationing-isolating water supplies outside the Hilton Hotel


1963 Water Rationing

Welcome to Bowen Hill 10 Peak Road Hong Kong

Wing Cheung Mansion nearing completion

Aerial view of Tsuen Wan

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

1960s Looking west over HKFC

Building on corner of QRE and Morrison Hill Road

Stone Arch Bridge-New Territories-where?

1960s Kadoorie Hill

The Hilton Hotel's well let them avoid the worst of the water rationing

Praying Mantis Class (1963)

1963 Picnic in the New Territoties 2 of 4

1963 Picnic in the New Territoties 1 of 4

1963 Picnic in the New Territoties 3 of 4

1963 Picnic in the New Territoties 4 of 4

1963 Central Aerial View

1964 Kai Tak Airport Control Tower and Observation Deck

1964 King's Road

Jordan Road Temporary Vehicular Ferry Pier


1964 Chatham Road

Hoover Theatre, 1964

1960s August Moon Hotel

1964 Naval Dockyard (HMS Tamar)

1964 Cameron Road

1964 Causeway Bay

1964 View from China Fleetclub

Hebe Haven Pak Sha wan - 1963/64

"Macau" ferry 1964

1964 Broadway Cinema and Nearby Department Store

Tonnochy Hotel 1964

1964 Mody Road

Queen's Hill Barrack, presently the Married Quarters of the Hong Kong Police Force and the Hong Kong Police Field Patrol Detachment 1964

1964 Marsh Road, Wanchai

1964 Mandarin Hotel

1960s Victoria Park Swimming Pool

1964 Central Vehicular Ferry Pier

1964 Kimberley Road

1964 Tram depot at Causeway Bay

1964 Kai Tak Observation Deck

1964 View from the Peninsula hotel

1964 TST Rooftop View Looking West

1964 Wanchai Landing Place

Kowloon and Kai Tak c.1964

Possible Rose Garden Hotel

1964 HK Traffic Policeman

1964 Queensway and Union Jack Club

Old_Hong_Kong - Town Gas north & south gas plant in 1964 [煤氣馬頭角南廠及北廠]

1964 Douglas Street, Central

1964 Marine Department (Habour Master's Office)

Maryknoll Sisters School, form 3A, 1963-64

Central and Wanchai - 1960's

Queen's Hill Barracks in Lung Yeuk Tau. = 龍躍頭皇后山軍營 1964

1960s Nathan Road.jpg


1964 Junction of Cameron and Carnarvon Roads

Central 1964

1960s City Hall Car Parks

Hebe Haven - Pak Sha Wan - 1964

1964 Pottinger St / Queen's Rd C.

Jordan Road Piers

1964 Prat Avenue

Blake Pier 1st and 2nd Generations

1964 Junction of Canal Road West and Wanchai Road

1964 Victoria Park1

1964 Kowloon Tong

1964 Carnarvon Road

View from the Tung Wah Hospital Building

1964 Gala cinema at Argyle Street

1964 Queen's Hill Barracks in Lung Yeuk Tau. = 龍躍頭皇后山軍營

Upper Albert Road to Caine Road, 1964

Schools Competition 1964 side 1

Schools Art Project 1964 b.

School Competition 1964 side 2.

Schools Art Project 1964 a.






1964 Gloucester Road seafront

1964 Fenwick Street

1964 Nathan Rd

The Beatles in Hong Kong - 8th June, 1964

The Beatles arrive at Kai Tak - 1964

Shatin Roadhouse-location aerial view 1964

Shatin pagoda-1964.jpg

Kai Tak Amusement Park-Monorail

Ping Shan Pagoda-1964.jpg

The Biarritz dredging at Plover Cove

Cherry Hill Lodge-Homantin Hill Road

Ping Shan pagoda-1964.jpg

3_View to Hong Kong from QEH 1964.07.04.jpg

2_View to Lyemun from QEH 1964.07.04.jpg

4_View Across Wylie Road from QEH 1964.07.04.jpg

1_Maureen O'Regan at QEH_1964.07.04.jpg

5_Panorama from QE Hospital 1964.07.04.jpg


Russian Refugees at the Hong Kong YMCA

Russian Refugees in Hong Kong

Russian Refugees at the Hong Kong YMCA

Quarry Bay Sports Day Programme 1964

1964 Far East Mansions

Hung Hom Ferry Piers aerial view 1964

Traffic Pagodas

Carlton Hotel Hong Kong's "Top of the Mark"

Victoria Barracks pool, mid sixties

1965_tidal pool

1965 rest garden at the intersection between Nathan Road and Gascoigne Road

1965 Tai Tam Harbour

1960s King Wah Restaurant and Paramount Nightclub

HK cricket club

1960s Shatin Heights Hotel

1965 Edinburgh Villa -Ting Kau, Castle Peak Road

1965 View over Central & Harbour from The Peak

1960s Tuen Mun - San Hui

1960s Kai Tak

Fire Fire c1965

Cathay Pacific Lockheed Electra L-188 VR-HFN Kai Tak 1960's

Mount Nicholson 60s

1960s Junction of Tak Shing Street and Cox's Road

Cathay Pacific Lockhead Electra L-188 VR-HFN at Kai Tak - 1965

1965 Canton Road

HK Harbour c.1965

c.1966 view of Central

1965 North Point waterfront

Peak Tram and Barker Road

1960s Tai Pak Floating Restaurant - Castle Peak Bay

1965 Kai Tak Airport

1960s Daimaru

1965 Admiralty and Queensway

1965 Central Reclamation

1960s Astor Hotel

1965 View over Admiralty

1960s Junction of Nathan Road and Salisbury Road

SS. Hongkong Truth - Orient Overseas Line - HK Harbour c.1965

1965 Jordan apt 1

1960s Carlton Hotel

Unknown estate under construction, 1965

1960s Nathan Road

1960s Argyle Street - Gala Theatre

Police Launch 10

1960s Hong Kong Policemen

Yu To Sang memorial Primary School 余道生紀念小學

1965 Hanoi Road, TST

Leighton Hill in the 1960s

1965 St Mary's Church

1960s Mercury House

1965 Hong Kong, Pottinger Street

1960s Map of Central

1965 Swimming Pools of Victoria Park in Causeway Bay = 銅鑼灣維多利亞公園游泳池

1960s HSBC

1965 RAF Kai Tak

1960s Kai Tak Observation Deck

1960s Euston Castle

1965 Peking Road

Blue Funnel ss LYCAON - HK Harbour c.1965

1965 Harcourt Road

Barker Road houses 1965

1965 RAF Little Sai Wan

1960s President Hotel

1965 View over LRC and Garden Road

1960s Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park

1960s Jordan Road

Former Hung Hom Piers

Hilton Hotel

Des Voeux Road 1965

1965 Hilton Hotel

Admiralty c.1965, demolition for Cotton Tree Drive - s-l1600.jpg

1965 Kai Tak Runway

1960s Yucca de Lac

1960s Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool

1960s Tai Hang Road

Statue Square, Hong Kong - mid sixties

1960s Mody Road

1960s Hong Kong Policeman (Close-up)

1965 Looking southwest from the rest garden at the intersection between Nathan Road and Gascoigne Road, Astor Cinema is seen on the left Hotel Fortuna is on the right 於彌敦道與加土居道交界休憩公園向西南看,左邊為普慶戲院,右邊可見富都大酒店,兩者之間為彌敦道

1965 Luard Road Foodstalls

1960s Kai Tak


1960s Sunderland Road Married Quarters

1960s General Post Office (3rd Generation)

1960s Sun Ya Hotel, Nathan Road, Mong Kok

HMS Tamar,Causeway Bay,RHKYC and North Point - c.1965


Rikki's Restaurant

1960s August Moon Hotel

Tai Po - Yuen Chau Tsai

Work went ahead inside the Lion Rock Tunnel 1965

1965 D'aguilar Street

1960s Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club Betting Office.

1960s Interchange

1965 Star House Under Construction

1965 Chantecler ad

1960s King Yin Lei

1960s Hilton Hotel

1960s Shatin Heights Hotel

1960s Jordan Road Ferry Pier

Shatin Heights


Screen capture

1965 Ocean Bar

1965 View over TST

1965 Blake Pier

1965 Kai Tak Airport Looking East

star ferry

HKP Sen. Supt. FONG Yik Fai

View1 c.1965 - joiner, Feb 1965, Facebook=Andrew Richards.jpg

1965 Barker Road

1965 Former Ascot House Hotel

Barker Road Houses 1965

1960s Star Ferry Terminal, TST

1965 North Point Power Station

A Busy Day on old Kai Tak apron - 1965

Tai O-Lantau Island-2

Crown's department store

Hong Kong-China border-1960s

Kowloon Tong-Kai Tak lighting

Yangtze Gun Boat replica built in Hong Kong

Shui Hing department store advert 1965

Tai O-Lantau Island-1

Spitfire on display at the Cenotaph

Bowen Road

14 Bowen Road

1966 Ohel Leah Synagogue

16-Hong Kong 1966_0057.jpg

1966 Humphrey's Avenue

Marie Butterworth circa 1965.jpeg

06-Hong Kong 1966_0039.jpg

07-Hong Kong 1966_0026.jpg

1966 Gladdon

007 Bar, 1966

1966 Kimberley Road

Police Station and environs 1966

1966 TST Hankow Rd

City Hall 1966

1966 Taikooshing

BOAC Hong Kong poster

Junction of Wanchai & Johnston Roads

1966 Statue Square and City Hall

1960s Caron Restaurant

Percy Lowe, Act Chief Superintendent of Police

Happy Valley Landslides

1966 Princess theater

Tsui Sing Lau Pagoda 1966

1966 Cameron Road

1966 China Fleet Club

1966 Film studio (Wader Motion Pictures)


Mt Austin Road Playground 1966


1960s Hankow Road Signboards

Buildings near Royal Naval Dockyards

Hong Kong Hilton, 1966

1964 Tai Hang Road View

1966 Richmond House, 31 Barker Road

China Fleet Club

Lau Fau Shan Police Station c.1966

1966 Jordan Road

1966 TST Carnarvon/Hanoi Road

1966 Luk Kwok Hotel

View from Government House east towards Wanchai across Admiralty

Plaque in memory of my grandmother

1966 Cinema lobby?

1966 Temp Peak tram station

1966 Jordan Road

Temporary structures form a transit camp for these future resettlement dwellers alongside a Kwun Tong estate 1966

Star Ferry Terminal, TST

1960s GPO Bridge

Police Station built 1955

1964 Jordan Ferry Pier

Mt Austin Rd Playground 1966

1966 Murray House

BOAC 707 G-APFG leaving Kai Tak Apron - c.1966

Russian Refugees in Hong Kong

1966 Chater Road

1966 Chater Road

1966 Hong Kong Club

1966 Hong Kong Club

Daimaru department store entrance-Causeway Bay

A very modern Central

Hong Kong Club

Des Voeux Road April 1966

Park Hotel, Chatham Rd., May 1966

Peak Terminal, May, 1966

Kai Tak. may 1966

The Peak Cafe, May 1966

May 6-14, 1966: HMAS MELBOURNE [II] at the Tamar Basin

1960s Former Royal Navy Dockyard Pillbox

1960s Granville Road

1960s Kai Tak Airport Carpark

1960s Humphrey's Avenue

1960s Kai Tak Airport Airside Carpark

1960s Junction of Cameron and Carnarvon Roads

1960s Chatham Road

1960s Traffic Pagoda

1960s Kai Tak Airport Observation Deck

1966 Hennessy Rd

HMS EAGLE-Fairey Gannets on deck-1966

Burst of underground pipe in Stone Nullah Lane 1966

Knee deep in Central-1966

The Rose Garden? or not

Landslides 12 June 1966, Victoria Heights, Stubbs Rd

University Halls after the landslide of June 1966

Rose Garden Hotel? or not

1966 King's Road (After the Rains)

US Navy sightseeing

Round the Island excursion ferry

Sea Terminal-aerial image location

Kai Tak smoker-B727 departing

Kowloon-Sand Pebbles movie location buildings

Chater Hall Landslide

Chater Hall Landslide 1966

Repulse-Bay-Headland Road-The Lookout?

Oil Terminal

Hung Hom-Dockyard-Tantallon Terrace-on site staff facilities

HKP Traffic Branch Motorcycle & Inspector's Summer Uniform - 1966

Lok Ma Chau – Hong Kong’s Most Photographed Man ?

Lok Ma Chau Viewing Point - Watch your pockets !

HKP - Superintendent Mathew O'Sullivan

Lok Ma Chau - Small Cantonese girl with baby boy strapped to her back

Close up of old farmer - Lok Ma Chau - 1966

Diamond House Receipt

1960s Former Royal Navy Dockyard

Leaving Kai Tak 1966

Alhambra and Kln CPO.jpg

Rosary Church,1966

King Yin Lei, December 1966

North Point Ferry Pier 1

North Point Ferry Pier 2

Ping Shan Pagoda-1966.jpg

peak mansions 1966

Mt Austin Road 1966

Queen's Road 1967

1967 Bank of China Building

1967 TST Peking Rd

1960s Des Voeux Road Central

1967 Tram line

KCR Tsim Sha Tsui Station - Cultural Revolution - 1967

1960s #72 Des Voeux Road Central, Tak Wing Pawn Shop

Fenwick street Wan Chai in 1967

Fenwick Street, Wanchai, 1967

Mid-1960's Des Voeux Road C2

1967 central

Junction of Nathan and Kimberley Roads

1967 Chatham Road Camp and Hung Hom Reclamation

C-47 Air America

Do South & Gacoigne Rd.jpg

1967 Hilton Hotel

LTR - Anzac photo

1967 Bank of China Building

1967 Sheung Wan waterfront

Cavendish Heights 1960s

1967 Lockhart Road

1967 TST Peking rd

Tai Pak

Gilman Motors

1967 Hong Kong Cricket Club

Alex_1st birthday.jpeg

happy valley market/ Yuk Sau

Holy Spirit Seminary and Staunton's Creek

Show Boat Hotel

1960s Percival Street

1967 Manson House - Dairy Farm Ice & Cold Storage Co. Ltd

1967 Observatory Road

1967 Jordan vehicular ferry pier

1967 Yau Ma Tei

Gascoigne Rd.jpg

University Station, 1967

1967 Queen's road c

LTR Photo Brigadier

1967 North Point waterfront

1967 TST Hanoi Road

Wanchai ferry pier under construction

Alex Butterworth.jpeg

1967 Staunton's Creek

Show Boat Hotel - Honeymoon Bar

Central shoreline, 1967

Candle Light Bar

Ap Lei Chau Power Station 1967 1

1967 TST Nathan Rd

1967 Causeway Road

DHC-4 Air America


Luk Keng with Shataukok Police Stn in the background.jpg

Entrance to the Tai Pak, Castle Peak, 1967

Peak Tram and Barker Road 1967

The Tai Pak, Castle Peak, 1967

1967 Government Stadium

1967 Government Stadium

1967 So Kun Po Recreation Ground

1967 The Governor at Government Stadium

1967 Government Stadium

1967 Dairy Farm, Pokfulam

Vehicular Ferry Pier may 1967

Hong Kong - The Peninsula

Hong Kong - Homes on Victoria Peak

Hong Kong - Peak Tram

Hong Kong - Housing Project

Hong Kong - Squatters' Shacks


83 Mt Nick vsmall.jpg

Eastern New Territories? but where?-now identified as Sai Wan Beach

Victoria's Peak in the clouds over Hong Kong Island

Press Photo 240 新闻老照片-罗湖口岸 Lo Wu Control Point 1967

1967 Chater Road

1968 Wah Fu housing project

1968 Cameron Road

The Pub

Stanley Military Cemetery. Hong Kong. 1968

1960s Central Banking District

1968 Hotel Miramar - View to the North

Crystal Palace Restaurant

Harper (Year 1968)

Hong Kong air pollution in 1968

Roseland Restaurant

1960s Central Fire Station

1968 Kowloon Tsai Military Quarters, Pilgrim's Way towards Lion Rock

Koreana Restaurant

Paramount on Nathan Road, 1968

Hong Kong Playboy Bar

Under tow,1968

Hong Kong Harbor,1968

Dutch in Hong Kong 1968

Press Photo 272a 新闻老照片-板球比赛 Hong Kong 1968

1968 British Military Hospital (Kowloon)

The Wah Fu estate = 華富1968

North Point estate = 北角1968

Jimmy's Kitchen - China Building

1968 Junction of King's Road and North Point Road

1960s Jordan Road Ferry Pier

Suzie Wong Night Club

456 Shanghai Restaurant

1968 Cotton Tree Drive

1968 Merlin hotel at TST

1968 Hotel Miramar - View to the Northwest

Helen's Restaurant

1968 Hotel Miramar - View to the Southeast

Hong Kong Police -Traffic-Branch- Motorcycle & Inspector's winter uniform -1968

Rainbow Nightclub and Bar

1960s Causeway Road

1960s Marco Polo Hotel

MSA - Malaysia-Singapore Airlines

1960s Hennessy road

1960s Jordan Road Ferry Pier

1968 Kai Tak Runway - Aerial View from Lyemun

1968 Carnarvon Road

Cathay Restaurant

1968 Aerial view of Kennedy Town

Hotel Merlin in the late 60s

1968 Rat Bin

Winner's Coffee Club

1968 Hotel Miramar - View of Hong Kong Island

1960s Ap Lei Chau Power Station

Helen's Restaurant

c.1968 view of Central & Admiralty

Blue Fountain Restaurant

Hong Kong Harbour and Peak Tram.JPG

1968 Hotel Miramar - View to the Southwest

1968 Kowloon Tsai Military Quarters, Pilgrim's Way (Beacon Hill)

國際 - at Kowloon City

Pussy Cat Bar

1960s Edinburgh Place

1968 Lockhart Road - Bar Scene

1968 Looking northwest to Wah Fu Estate

Unknown Panorama circa 1968 - Lai Chi Kok /Mei Fu?

1968 Traffic Pagoda

Blue Heaven Restaurant

Peninsula Hotel guest-Noel Coward & Noon Day Gun

Karting at Sek Kong - c.1968 - 'The Mechanic '

Karting at Sek Kong - c.1968

Hong Kong. Ap Lei Chau Power Station. 1968

Lai Chi Kok government incinerator-1968

US NAVY-Aircraft Carrier-off Wanchai-1968

BLUE SKY BAR matchbox cover

KCR -Carriage balcony riders

1960s Traffic Pagoda - Junction of Hennessy Road and Fenwick Street

Karting at Sek Kong - c.1968

Kowloon's 'Matterhorn'...above 60's Kwun Tong.

Hong Kong Island, 1968 (Kennedy Town Godowns)

A "Yellow" submarine built in Hong Kong-1968

1968 Lane Crawford bldg

Side Party at work,1968

1960s Shamshuipo view

1969 Peking Road

President hotel room

Show Boat Hotel

1969 Kowloon CIty

1969 Luard Road

1960s Chatham Road

c.1969 Cheung Chau Meteorological Station

1969 Jordan Road Ferry Piers

Hankow Road

After Typhoon.JPG

1969 Fenwick Street

1969 Junction of Cameron & Carnarvon Roads

taikoo dock 1969

Wimpy Restaurant

President hotel room

Honor Blackman & the late Stanley Baker - The Last Grenade -1969

1960s Aberdeen Street

1960s Kennedy Town Godowns (Warehouses)

Relax with Suzie Wong

1969 TST Mody Road

Densely packed buildings in Kowloon

1960s North Point Estate

1969 Meifoo estate

1969 Peking Road

Plover Cove Reservoir 1969

Lady & Taxi - Late 60s

Honor Blackman - The Last Grenade - 1969

Repulse Bay, 1969

1969 Hart Avenue TST

World of Suzie Wong, Ltd-Reverse

1960s Jordan Apartments and Ferry Pier

Hong Kong Hotel Opening

1969 Pok Oi Public School = 博愛公立學校

Apollo Moon Cakes

1969 Shatin Taiwai view

1969 Happy Valley / Causeway Bay

New Territories


Boat building

Hillside shacks

Hillside shacks

Chantecler Restaurant Cake Coupon 1969 - back

Chantecler Restaurant Cake Coupon 1969 - Front

hong kong Harbour 1969

Another Submarine built in Hong Kong

Mid Levels -1969

Repulse Bay, Breakfast by the pool Sir?, 1969

Harbour from Blake Pier-June 1969


Tsim Sha Tsui East circa 1969

Repulse Bay-a swim before breakfast-1969

Mid Levels & Peak residences-1969

St Christopher's Home

Repulse Bay Beach-1969

Picture near St Christopher's Home

1969 Heading to the beach to cool off

Old ladies in walled village


Street scene

Bus roof


Police Training School, PTS, Passing Out Parade 23.8.69

1969. Hong Kong island from across the harbour

Marine Dept

Buildiings on left

Buildings on right

Sailing Junk 1969

Vintage Austin 7 shipped to Hong Kong 1969 - image 1

Dining at the Peak Cafe, 1969

1969 Kai Tak Airport

Austin-7 shipped to Hong Kong in 1969

Squatters huts, 1969

Kai Tak, 1969

Vintage Austin-7 shipped to Hong Kong in 1969

Stairway to where?

Hilton and BoC (June-December 1969)

Austin-7 shipped to Hong Kong in 1969 - image 4

Austin-7-Shipped to HK 1969

Victoria Junior School 1969


Hong Kong Festival 1969

Hennessy Road 1969

Trams at Methodist Church



1969 Happy Valley/Causeway Bay

1970s HSBC

1960s Hong Kong

1960s HSBC Piggy Bank

1960s HSBC Savings Book

Western end of Victoria.jpg

Close-up of western boundary of Victoria.jpg

Western boundary of Victoria.jpg

Major-General Ronald McAlister-1929-8 September 2015

Tsan Yung Mansion Parking Entrance.JPG

Tsan Yung Mansion.jpg

Tsan Yung Mansions Logo2.JPG

Canon Zoom 518 Super 8 Cine Camera from 1960s

Yau tong,Kowloon

GWULO Dutch 30003.jpg

15-Hong Kong 1966_0019.jpg

1960s Hong Kong


03-1968 Hong Kong_0015.jpg

scanned mom mary K carroll nee roberts in Suzie Wong dress in hong kong island 1961.jpg

GWULO Dutch 20005.jpg

12-Hong Kong 1966_0014.jpg

13-Hong Kong 1966_0053.jpg

'Gaps' between 'plots of land'.jpg

13-Hong Kong 1966_0032.jpg

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

GWULO Dutch 20002.jpg

09-Hong Kong 1966_0010.jpg

Lady in HK.jpg

GWULO Dutch 50003.jpg


Xmas 1969

1960s Hong Kong

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

William Hunter Paterson b.1911. Hongkong University Alumni Dinner Dance, Friday the 15th March, 1968.jpg

GWULO Dutch 10004.jpg

06-Hong Kong 1966_0007.jpg

North Point Power Station B

GWULO Dutch 40005.jpg

08-Hong Kong 1966_0041.jpg

Pillbox 009 Aberdeen Praya Road

09-Hong Kong 1966_0028.jpg

1960s Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

BOAC ad from the 1960s

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

William Hunter Paterson b.1911. 1962 Hong Kong Tramways Team (2).jpg



03-Hong Kong 1966_0004.jpg

GWULO Dutch 40002.jpg

03-Hong Kong 1966_0036.jpg

02-Hong Kong 1966_0021.jpg

07-1968 Hong Kong_0021.jpg

Hydrographic Office

Junk Bay

GWULO Dutch 30004.jpg

01-Hong Kong 1966_0033.jpg

You Only Live Twice HK Harbour circa1967

03-Hong Kong 1966_0022.jpg

05-1968 Hong Kong_0019.jpg

Conspicuous tree

GWULO Dutch 30001.jpg

13-Hong Kong 1966_0017.jpg

14-Hong Kong 1966_0054.jpg

1960s Hong Kong

01-1968 Hong Kong_0013.jpg

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

Aerial photos:Hong Kong from above

Chan Gardens opposite Kowloon Hospital. 1960/61

GWULO Dutch 20003.jpg

Junction of Peak Road and Magazine Gap Road 1962.jpg

10-Hong Kong 1966_0011.jpg

Western Wharves 1966

GWULO Dutch 50004.jpg

11-Hong Kong 1966_0051.jpg

12-Hong Kong 1966_0031.jpg


1960s Hong Kong

Poplar St - Cheung Sha Wan Road - SW Corner (1960)

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

GWULO Dutch 10005.jpg

Kwong Chee Theatre 廣智戲院 (1968)

07-Hong Kong 1966_0008.jpg

North Point Power Stations A & B

GWULO Dutch 50001.jpg

Dairy Farm ropeway c.1950/60

09-Hong Kong 1966_0042.jpg

David House ( Des Voeux Rd ) during Christmas

10-Hong Kong 1966_0029.jpg

1960s Central, Hong Kong

64 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

William Hunter Paterson b.1911. 1962 Hong Kong Tramways Team (1).jpg


TST lights

Confrontation Tie

GWULO Dutch 10002.jpg

Happy Valley 1963 Chinese map.png

04-Hong Kong 1966_0005.jpg

GWULO Dutch 40003.jpg


Vintage Austin-7 shipped to Hong Kong in 1969 -image 3

04-Hong Kong 1966_0037.jpg

05-Hong Kong 1966_0024.jpg

1960s Hong Kong

St Rose of Lima's School - I Spy TV Series

View from Kennedy Road

08-1968 Hong Kong_0022.jpg

Nightime at Causeway Bay 1961

Kai Tak

02-Hong Kong 1966_0003.jpg

Rennies Mill

GWULO Dutch 30005.jpg

05-Hong Kong 1966_0038.jpg

You Only Live Twice Opening Credits Royal HK Yacht Club

04-Hong Kong 1966_0023.jpg

1960s KCR terminus

Lei Yue Min Barracks Bay View 1960jpg

04-1968 Hong Kong_0016.jpg


GWULO Dutch 30002.jpg

14-Hong Kong 1966_0018.jpg

15-Hong Kong 1966_0056.jpg

27 La Salle Road.JPG

02-1968 Hong Kong_0014.jpg

1960s Lai Chi Kok Bay Bridge

gloster road (2).png

Unidentified Building

Running Dog Tie

GWULO Dutch 20004.jpg

Peak Cafe 1962.jpg

11-Hong Kong 1966_0013.jpg

12-Hong Kong 1966_0052.jpg

Ki Lung Street view from Portland Street (1965)

11-Hong Kong 1966_0030.jpg

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

GWULO Dutch 20001.jpg

08-Hong Kong 1966_0009.jpg

GWULO Dutch 50002.jpg

10-Hong Kong 1966_0043.jpg

08-Hong Kong 1966_0027.jpg

1960s Hong Kong

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

GWULO Dutch 10003.jpg

05-Hong Kong 1966_0006.jpg

Tai Po aerial circa 1963 edit

GWULO Dutch 40004.jpg

07-Hong Kong 1966_0040.jpg

Shanghai Street 1960's

Where was this taken?

06-Hong Kong 1966_0025.jpg

1960s Hong Kong

17-19 Kennedy Road. Copyright Lo Family. benbowen.

William Hunter Paterson b.1911. 1963 Fanling Golf Club.jpg

09-1968 Hong Kong_0023.jpg

Mount Austin Hotel

01-Hong Kong 1966_0002.jpg


Taff Evans

GWULO Dutch 40001.jpg

02-Hong Kong 1966_0035.jpg

01-Hong Kong 1966_0020.jpg

06-1968 Hong Kong_0020.jpg

High chimney

Shanghai St 209 looking south 1959 Chevrolet
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