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Photos tagged "Trousdale, Malcolm (1951-53)"

Aircraft carrier 1

Aircraft carrier 2b.

Aircraft carrier 2a.

Lyemun beach.

Aircraft carrier 2c.

Cargo liner

Lai Chi Kok beach d.

The Banks

Shaukiwan and Lyemun from Mt Parker

N.A.A.F.I. Chatham Road

Old cargo ship

Lai Chi Kok beach c.


Tung Lung Island

Botanical Garden


Telegraph Bay

Lyemun camp a

Rowing boats

Unusual building.

Coronation decorations


Hong Kong Club

Castle Peak Road.

Queen’s pier


Botanical Garden

Lai Chi Kok beach.

Hong Kong Club


Tiger Balm Garden

San Hui

Tai Tam Tuk entrance off Tai Tam road

R.A.F. Little Sai Wan

Peak Tram lower terminus

Sea inlet

Silvermine Bay


Silvermine Bay waterfront

Springboard girl.

Central and Tsim Sha Tsui

Castle Peak.


Cheero Club and car park


Lai Chi Kok bus.

Kowloon and western harbour

Amah and children

Botanical Garden

Lai Chi Kok beach b.

Tai Tam Road bends

Lyemun strait.

Tiger Balm Garden

Large sea inlet


Lyemun camp

Night Star ferry

Star Ferry pier

Central and harbour

Sampans and harbour front.


Queen's Pier

French Mission building

Five rickshaws in rain.

Tai Tam Tuk reservoir from bend in Tai Tam road.

Cargo liner and junk.

Officers serving meal b

Christmas revels c

Officers Serving meal

Christmas revels b

Christmas revels a

Military precision in the mess

Big Wave Bay.

Check Point

Swimming pool.
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