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Photos tagged "Pickard, Frank (1957-58)"

HK Tram chasing cyclist

HK Trams overtaking.

Me Walking back from town 22 Oct 57

Hong Kong Central.

N.A.A.F.I. Reading Room.

Radio Club VS6DV.

HK Sai Wan.

HK Happy Valley.

HK Me up to Peak.

Film crew Shek O 24 April 1958

Gharry Cox Pickard.

Shek O 24 April 58

Chow Stalls.

HK The Point Swimmers.

Cpl Sid Tebay In Ham Shack.

Big Wave Bay.

HK On way to Big Wave bay 30 May 1958

Guy got Sack on Bike.

HK Street scene.

Bank of China Monday 30 June 58.

HK Gibson August 1958

HK Hoover Cinema.

HK The Roxy.
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