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Photos tagged "Mackervoy, Robin (1953-54)"

n Saiwan War Cemetery1.

q Brian Lawrence & Jim Davies.

n Saiwan War Cemetery 2.

o Yacht Club.

m Tiger Balm Gardens.

p Yacht Club.

a From Peak.

Protest a.

g Pottinger Street from Wellington Street

k The Marseilles.

f Yuen Street West.

a Queens Road.

Protest b.

h Des Voeux Road Central.

l Waterfront From Catholic club.

r Jim Davies Jock Smythe Ginger Phipps (both boxing champs).

i HK Cricket Club From Cheero Club.

d Off Queens Road.

Protest c.

c Pottinger Street Off Queens Road.

t Rinty Monagham & Jack Bingham at Cheero Club.

j Kowloon Ferry And Catholic Club.

e Off Queens Road.
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