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Photos tagged "Anderson, Andy (1957-59)"

1957: HMT Oxfordshire

1957: HMT Empire Fowey

1957: HMT Nevasa

1958: LSW Junks off Point.

1958: LSW General Office.

1958: LSW parade on the car park.

1958: Causeway Bay

1959: LSW Portal top Xmas dinner 1957 Condors bar.

1959: Little Sai Wan the Point from sea wall.

1959: LSW clerks at China Fleet Club

1959: LSW Lighthouse keeper's children.

1959: LSW Andy last week at work in Personnel office.

1959: LSW from Cape Collinson road.

1959: LSW Spike near the Lighthouse.

1959: LSW from above camp gate.

1959: Little Sai Wan new yacht club and sea wall.
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