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Photos tagged "All Others (1945-62)"

Wang Fung Terrace Jack Cubitt1.jpg

Unknown airman

Star Ferry.


Kai Tak billet.

Star Ferry pier Central



Roy Edge at Lyemun N.A.A.F.I. c 1952.

367 Signals Unit Kai Tak.

Air crash local UK paper

Crash cutting South China Morning Post 27 July 1953.

d Mike receives large trophy.

a Mike at speed.

b At the border.

c Mike receives trophy.

Innsworth Feb 1954.

HMT Trooper Singapore 1954.

Kam Tin Sweet Garden Restaurant.

Just off the Point 1955.

Connaught Road 1955.

Sai Wan War Cemetery a.

Sai Wan War Cemetery b.

Sai Wan War Cemetery c.

Venom Over Tsim Sha Tsui.

Sampan with John in light jacket


Star Ferry.

Lai Chi Kok 1955 or 56

R.A.F. Polo Team 55'56. Lai chi Kok Swimming Club

Ritz Night Club pool 1956.

Peninsula Hotel.


Star Ferry 1955.

Paul, Unknown, JimMcCabe, Lew Cox.

LSW from near firing range.

Amahs' Room A Watch b.


Amahs' Room A Watch.

United Bar and Restaurant.

Ken Sly

Sek Kong Vampire and Audrey.

Kam Tin walled village

Empire Fowey.

Paddy Fields East of Yuen Long

Silvermine bay Junk.

The Blarney Stone.

View From Lookout At Border Across to China

Sek Kong Vampire.

Kam Tin drying rice

Kam Tin drying paddy

Kam Tin rice harvest


LSW cutting to cave entrance.jpg

Wanchai b

Wanchai Hennessy Road

LSW cave just above the camp road.jpg


Kong Wei

Glouceter Road typhoon damage 9 June 1960.

Hennessy Road Typhoon Mary damage 9 June 1960.

Colin Room 55 Gibson.

Chai Wan plane crash site.

Kai Tak.

Wanchai Gap

Battys Car Park.

Jordan Road.

Little Sai Wan.

Wang Fung Terrace No4.

Wang Fung Terracec No4 Rear.

Wang Fung Terrace d.
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