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Clifton came out of hospital.

Outside roll call this morning.

Rehearsal in our room in afternoon, quiz for children in evening.

Canteen in morning - got demarara sugar, rice flour, and noodles.

Men went into town to load rice.

Doreen came, first shorthand lesson.

Journalist Eric MacNider writes in his diary that a woman has been brought before the camp tribunal for requesting a double-decker wooden bed, which she then chopped up to use for firewood.


Christina Twomey, Australia's Forgotten Prisoners, 2007, 72

Outdoor a.m. roll call

No ration lorry - only greens

Low cloud, cold NE wind.

Outside roll-call 8.30am.


Steve for coffee, gave me 2 pkts cigs & Y100.

Rice flour ½ lb Y25. Noodles - Y10.30 ¼ lb  & Sugar 9.45 ¼  lb.

Fixed chatty for Mrs W.

20 to town rice loading.

“Shell” House, Dockyards & part of Wanchai damaged. Kowloon go-downs, five ships sunk.

Danzig captured. Hitler & Himmler at the front. German generals have been given a free hand. Japan raided 23rd.