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Annie insisted on my going home with her after Mass, and I had coffee with sugar!! ((Annie was Dutch; her parents and brother & sisters also in camp;  somehow her family had access to food from outside sources, and were always very generous.  Many of the non-British internees had been brought to Stanley some time after the British, so had had more time to prepare for internment.))

Visited Doreen (Leonard), am going to teach her shorthand.

Went to see Concannon in afternoon, he was most useful, then to rehearsal in club.

Olive not well.

Had peas (in rations) today.

Yvonne Blackmore (17), Leo Barton (17) and Billy Dudman (16) all got through Matric.

Sunday's raid was on Wanchai, newspaper claims 4,000 casualties.

Rev. A. Rose gave talk on Dreams in evening.

Cloudy, colder. NE wind.

In workshop.

5,000 killed & wounded in raid on Wanchai last Sunday.

Taiwan raided 21st & 22nd. Advances made on Luzon to Tarlac area.

Lousy chow today. Hungry as the devil. Come on Yanks, get us out of this damned hole.

Chopped wood for Rita.

Rec.4.25Y worker’s pay for Dec.

Rice going into go-down.

Paper with-held again. 

Formosa raided by 3,000 planes yesterday?