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72 years ago: Hong Kong's wartime diaries

Shows diary entries from seventy-two years ago, using today's date in Hong Kong as the starting point. To see pages from earlier dates (they go back to 1 Dec 1941), choose the date below and click the 'Apply' button.

Rained early am. Fine day, low cloud, Wind E.

Ground rice & chopped wood.

A raid alarm 1.45 to 2.45pm but nothing happened here.

Canteen gear arrived but no paper.

Mitikyina evacuated by Japs. ((Mitikyina in Burma was abandoned by the Japanese on 3rd August 1944, see Wikipedia article: Siege of Myitkyina.))

With Steve pm.

Araid [sic = air raid?] alarm 9.15pm & All Cl. at 9.50

(Raid on Canton according to 14ths paper. Abortive as usual)

According to a British Army Aid Group report of October 20, today sees the first Third Nationals interned in Ma Tau-chung camp, newly vacated by the Indian POWs, and now re-named Ma Tau-wai. By August 15 about 100 people are inside: mainly Eurasians, South Americans and Overseas Chinese.


Tony Banham, We Shall Suffer There, Kindle Edition, Location 2553


For the contradiction in the sources about the opening of Ma Tau-wai see yesterday's entry.

Birth of William Richard Worrall at Tweed Bay Hospital to Captain William Roy and Raquel Worrall.

Mrs Worrall had lost her first husband, Horace William Bonner, who was killed in the fighting at Overbays on December 22nd, 1941.

William 'Dick' Worrall will enter the Hong Kong Police and be awarded the Colonial Police Medal (now Overseas Territories Police Medal) in 1992.

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