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Juror's List


Couldn't see where it was left off because the name on the bottom, Young, doesn't have the same occupation when compared to the spreadsheet and the original Juror's list.



re: Juror's List

Hi Marilyn,

Looking at the comments on the 1905 list, the latest one is 'started p200', so the next page that needs typing is page 201.

In the original document for the 1905 list, page 201 starts with a "Packham, Ralph". I can find the same name in the spreadsheet, but I see his occupation and address have changed. So I'd edit the spreadsheet's Title, Flat, and Building Name columns and change them to match the original document.

Thanks for joining in to help. I hope I've answered your question, but let me know if anything isn't clear.

Regards, David

old hk photos

Hi David,

I'm looking for some interesting black and white photos of hong kong for my own use. Is it possible to buy some of them on line? I'm based in London, how long is going to take to get my purchase?

Many thanks!


re: old hk photos

Hi Iris,

Yes, you can buy old HK photos here.

If you want prints for framing, you can browse the catalogue to see what we have, and order online. (And if you can't find what you want, please email me with a description. I have more photos which aren't in the catalogue yet.)

If you need digital copies for use in a project (eg book publishing, backdrops, marketing materials, etc), please email me with details so I can prepare a quote.

Or if you are looking for something to give as a gift, this book might suit you.

It takes one week to get the prints back from the printer. Books & digital copies are available immediately. For airmail from HK to London allow 7-10 days.

Regards, David

batung section

Hi David - still getting blocked all the time trying to post in the batung section and it won't recognize my user name davo and password?


Davo - Batgung and Gwulo are different sites, so your gwulo profile and password wil not work there. You need to register on Batgung separately.

Cheers, Phil

Edit button missing

Hi David, I notice the Edit button is missing from the newer posts.   Is it possible to do something about that?  Thanks a lot,    Belz

re: Edit button missing

Hi Belz, one of the ways this site works is that you can only edit your comment until someone has replied to it. Once they've added their reply, the 'edit' option disappears from your comment. (Read more about it here).

Hopefully that answers your question, but if it doesn't please could you leave a reply with more information.

Regards, David


What I have done, David, in one of my answers is create 4 super highways straight into the protected website.  I am going to get hammered if I dont adjust it by just typing the names in.

That's all, but no big thing.  I did not realise the protection on that site was so easy to crack.  The internet is a frightening place.  

Looks like there is little I can do.   Thanks for your help.


Regards,  Belz

A big "thank you"

What can I say, David,  thank you so very much.  Looks so much better too.

I owe you one.      Belz

You're welcome

You're welcome,

Regards, David

Dent & co

I've  enjoyed your  website esp the   photos of  locations related to John Dent.

 I have photos of John and Lancelot Dent's monuments in  Crosby Ravensworth  church  which people might be interested to see.  SOrry don't  know  how to  upload to  your  site



my father's grave

I have just been recommended to your site by a distant relative who was researching the family history. It is an amazing resource. My father, Sydney Charles Collins is buried in Happy Valley. He was shot by bandits on Jan 1 1947 when [Admin: read the rest here...]

Government Hill redevelopment - proposed 1933

It's an interesting topic. I would like to know if I can have a jpg version of the 1933 proposed map as well as the map of Ice House in 19o4 for my Chinese Blog. I am now writting something regularly on the history of HK Streets and the buildings in the street. Thank you.

My e-mail: anthonylau99@yahoo.com.hk

re: Government Hill redevelopment - proposed 1933

Hi Anthony, I've sent you an email about the maps. I've also moved the comments about Forbes Street to their own Place. (Here are some tips on asking questions on gwulo.com.)

Regards, David

Anthony, everything on the

Anthony, everything on the 1933 redevelopment is here "http://gwulo.com/node/7432".

I find that using Google search with "site:gwulo.com" gives excellent results. 

Photo Album by Bisquitzoe - Growing Up in HK 1950s

Hello David

You will see where - under the same subject heading - I have entered the same message twice - sorry about that - I guess you can delete one (I tried !)

I am really leaving a message for the lady 'Leslie' who has placed this photo album - as you will read in the message I am one of those in the photo.  As you know her email, perhaps you can draw her attention to my message, as it seems she placed this album some time ago and may not notice. It would be nice to make the connection after all these years.

Thank you,



re: Photo Album by Bisquitzoe - Growing Up in HK 1950s

Hi Suzie,

I've deleted the extra comment.

Unfortunately 'bisquitzoe' isn't a user on this website, so I don't know her email address. It looks as though you should be able to send her a message via this page: http://community.webshots.com/user/bisquitzoe/messages (scroll down to the bottom, where it says to login to leave a message).

You mentioned you had several relatives interned at Stanley Camp. You might be interested to see this project, which is serialising a couple of diaries from Stanley Camp internees.

Regards, David

Hi, I can't find my comment

Hi, I can't find my comment and request - on the Forum placed yesterday Aug 11

Not sure how to navigate the website.  Help!

re: Hi, I can't find my comment

Here's your comment:


(I'm on vacation, but will take a look at it in more detail when back to HK next week)

Here's a useful link to bookmark. It shows any updates to pages / comments you've created:


Regards, David

Hong Kong 1936 - 1937


As I drift into the infinite I find this technology gets ever more confusing. Having just found this spot  and finding so many wonderful things for me to look at, I am bewhildered and I think it is going to take me a while to find my way around, so my progress is going to be slow.

My excitement emanates from the two years of my childhood that I spent in Hong Kong in 1936 and 7. Dad was a sergeant major in the Royal Artillery, stationed at Lei Yue Mun. (According to the Google map the camp seems to be in the middle of the sea??) On a return visit in 2009 I could only wonder at the sight of the camp which remained in every particular exactly as I left it when, as a ten year old, my family sailed away on the Dilwara in December 1937. Happily it is now the home of a residential activity centre for young people. What a better world this would be, if tomorrow I should wake up to find all military bases so employed.

I have photographs and a story or two, THE typhoon certainly stays in my memory. When, if, I find my way around I hope to come back to you.

Tony Moy

re: Hong Kong 1936 - 1937

Hi Tony,

If you haven't seen them already, James McAndrew's photos will be interesting for you, as he was in the Royal Artillery, and here at the same time you were:


I look forward to hearing your stories, and seeing your photos.

Regards, David

Hong Kong Filming Locations for Soldier of Fortune

Dear David,

I am submitting a manuscript to Visual Anthropology for publication consideration and the manuscript is entitled, "Hollywood’s Hong Kong: Cold War Imagery and Urban Transformation in Edward Dmytryk’s Soldier of Fortune (1955)", in which I would like to use some of the photos of the film on display in Gwulo webpage for illustrations. The submission is purely academic and non-lucrative. I wonder if it is possible to have the copyright clearance for these photos. Appreciated if you could advise.




re: Hong Kong Filming Locations for Soldier of Fortune

Hi Thomas,

The answer depends on who owns the photos. Please see http://gwulo.com/node/9959 for details.

Regards, David

Can I reach the person who posted the photos on this site?

Hi David, I am looking for some photos of Tsang Tai Uk in Hong kong for the period of 1950/60s or before. I saw someone posted a photo of this, And I want to get more , can you help me with this? Thanks. Mr. Tsang

re: Can I reach the person who posted the photos on this site?

Hi Mr Tsang,

I see you've already posted a comment at http://gwulo.com/node/16001#comment-26609, so hopefully you'll hear from Harry shortly. If not, please see option #3 at http://gwulo.com/node/9959 for details of how to contact him.

We'd also enjoy any other photos you can show us of that area. Here's how to upload a photo to the website: http://gwulo.com/node/2076

Regards, David

Brooks Children at Horse Riding School 1953c x 3 photos

Hi David

I tried to link all three photos together in the one "image" with one text to cover all three.  But I could not download more than one photo and had to do each one separately.  Though I thought I saw other places where there are 3-4 images within the one posting?  Is it possible to do this?

Also - to be able to upload the photos I HAD to put a place - and I put Pok Lu Fam - even though I'm not sure it IS the place - and I am querying if anyone recognises where it is? - which it is why it would be good to have all three photos in the one image so the hills behind can be seen altogther. 

Kind regards,


re: Brooks Children at Horse Riding School 1953c x 3 photos

Hi Suziepie,

Thanks for uploading the photos. I've changed the older post about the Riding School to a Place, and linked the photos to it. Please see: http://gwulo.com/node/10752. We can add its location once we find out where it was.

Once you've uploaded photos you can insert as many of them as you want into a piece of text, eg into a comment. Here's how: http://gwulo.com/node/1929.

When you upload a photo, the Places are optional, so you can leave them blank and the photo will still upload ok. BUT, if you type any text into the "Places shown in the photo:" box, it must be the title of an existing Place. Here's the best way to add a Place to a photo: http://gwulo.com/node/5242.

Regards, David

Wedding Photo of Ron and Helene Brooks 1939

Thank you David for fixing the place for the Horse Riding photos. I see Moddsey has suggested another possibility.

Regarding the photo of my parents wedding.  Is is possible to lift or move the small photo in the corner that is covering the head of a groomsman?  I would like to know if anyone recognizes the groomsmen. I have an idea who they are  but I'm not sure.

Also I put a brief description of the place - Rosary church Kowloon - because I did not see that it had already been entered. Thanks.

Kind regards, Suziepie

re: Wedding Photo of Ron and Helene Brooks 1939

Hi Suziepie,

The small photo is part of the viewer. A couple of workarounds:

  • Add a white border to the left of the photo before uploading, or
  • Upload a higher-resolution copy of the photo, so when a person sees it and zooms in, the person moves out from under the small photo
The zoom viewer looks to have a problem, showing photos smaller than they should be. I'll take a closer look when I'm back to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks. If it's not quick to fix, I'll come back to it after the site upgrade.

I've linked the wedding photo back to the original page for the church, http://gwulo.com/node/6654.

Regards, David