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Views along the tram line in the 1930s

Join us on a tram-ride through 1930s Hong Kong:

You can click on any of the titles or photos above to visit that photo's page. Many have larger copies of the photo, and additional information about the view.

Thank you to everyone who uploaded the photos shown above. If you have any other views along the tramline from the 1930s, please can you upload them for us to see? Here's how to upload a photo:

Regards, David

Also on this week:

Fergus MacDermot is uploading his grandmother's memoir of growing up in Wei Hai Wei and Hong Kong in the early 20th century: 



Hi David,

Did you purposefully duplicate the photo of Des Voeux Road at Central Fire Station?


Hi Breskvar,

Yes, they're cropped slightly differently so I decided to leave them both in.

Regards, David

It is amazing that Tung Tak Pawn Shop has been in the same building for so long!  I prefer the scene with the balconies -- it is more elegant.

About a month ago, there was a report stating that the building occupied by Tung Tak Pawn Shop and the tong lau (shophouse) building next door may both be demolished soon.  If you have not done so, this is the time to take some photographs.