Here we bring together the photos of old Hong Kong that are hosted on this site, and links to other collections.

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Most photos here are not for sale, but they are great for browsing. We have over 3,500, so there are lots to see. If you know what you are looking for you can:

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Other photo collections

Other websites with good photos of old Hong Kong include:

  • The Hong Kong Public Records Office offers an online catalogue to their 'Archives for Still and Moving Images'. There are over 8,000 images in the archive.
  • The Hong Kong Public Library also has a good online search for old photos. The photos can be viewed and downloaded in high-resolution (though with the library's logo on the picture), which means they can be cleaned up well in an image editor. [3-Oct-2008: For me this site only works with Internet Explorer, not Firefox. When you click the link you should see a search screen. If you don't, check the opening hours as the service closes at different times for maintenance.]
  • Hedda Morrison took several hundred photos of Hong Kong in 1946-7. Over 300 of these photos have been scanned at high-resolution and placed online in Harvard University's VIA system. VIA's viewer allows you to zoom in to see a high level of detail.
    To see the photos:
     - Visit the Via website at:
     - In the "Search for: " section, type hedda morrison in the first box and hong kong in the second. Choose Place from the second drop-down list. It should look like this:

     - Click the 'Search' button
     - You should see "Search results: 1 to 15 of 309 hits from the search hedda morrison in (Anywhere) and hong kong in (Place)", followed by a list of photos
     - Click any photo to see its 'Full record'
     - On the Full record page, double click the image to open the viewer, which lets you zoom and pan around the image.
     - NB if you want to give someone a link to one of these photos, don't just use the url shown in your browser when you're viewing the photo.  When you try to view it later, you'll just see an error. Instead you need to double-click the thumbnail to see the full record, then look for the link 'Bookmark this item'. That's the link you can share that will work reliably in future.
  • The St Georges School website has a gallery of photos of Kowloon believed taken in the 1960s.

I was brought up in Hong Kong in the 60s and went to the Peak School and KGV. These photos were mostly taken by myself on a Kodak Instamatic and Olympus OM10 between 1969 and 1987. A few other photos were given to me and some slides were bought from a street vendor in the late 70s. I hope you enjoy this bit of nostalgia as much as I did compiling it.

If you know of any other sites with good photos of old Hong Kong, please add a comment below with the details.

Regards, David


RTHK Memories

not sure if anyone has posted this link before, but seems to be afew good pictures on here too:

Hong Kong, 1968-71

Thanks to Paul Watty for getting in touch:

I lived in Hong Kong between 1968 and 1971 and have a series of photos from the period - they're more family photos than scenery, but I hope they may be of some interest.

He describes them as:

A selection of photos, featuring me, my mother, my father, brother Peter, HMS Intrepid and Fred the dog.

My father was based in Victoria Barracks between 1968 and 1971, we lived in Montgomery Block just above the barracks and I attended school at Victoria infants.

View the photos here.

Where are Harry Marshall's photos?

The text at the top of this page used to include the section below.

Unfortunately the link to Harry's website no longer works, and I can't find any sign of his new website on the internet. They are great photos, so Harry, if you read this please could you let us know your new website? Or if you need a new home for your photos, we'll be very happy to host them here.

Regards, David

  • Harry Marshall has several photos of Hong Kong in the 1950s (click on the thumbnails along the right for a larger version of the picture and background information). His introduction begins:

During the British National Service years I was stationed in Hong Kong from 1954 to 1957. Initially I was one of the R.E.M.E. personnel attached to the 27th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment at Stanley Fort on Hong Kong Island. Then followed a short period on Stone Cutters Island before I was finally transferred to the R.E.M.E. workshop in Shamshuipo. Repatriation came in July 1957, and I was sorry to leave. Hong Kong I mean, not the Army! I couldn't wait to get out of the bxxxxy Army! — But I had fallen in love with Hong Kong.

How many photos

How many photos have we created here? Take a guess...




I got a very pleasant surprise when I checked this week: 3,580 !

That includes all the photos uploaded here, and the photos we've linked to on Flickr. It doesn't include any photos pasted straight into text, so the total number of photos visible on the site is even higher.

Many thanks to every one who has taken the time to upload photos here or on Flickr. Next stop 5,000 ...

Regards, David

Corbis - Old Hong Kong

From Nagasaki University's Library

Check this out.

it includes a photo of the Protestant Cemetery.



Hong Kong, 1938-9

80sKid has found this set of photos:

Great series of shots taken during Far East tour in late 1930s, including a number of Hong Kong here:

They are very high-resolution scans, so there is lots of detail to see.

An old photo of Ma Wan

Here is a shot of the Ma Wan village. Not sure when it was taken, but some parts of the village are now developed and very modern but some parts are still untouched and in original condition.

1958-1959 Views of Hong Kong

A nice set from the

A nice set from the 1950s:

Thanks to Chris for the link.

Regards, David

1974 Hong Kong from a kayak

Interesting viewpoint - Hong Kong as seen from kayak, including several of the old KCR terminus in TST:

Thanks to Jim for the link,

regards, David

Facebook - Hong Kong Old Photograph

I have started this page recently. I'm uploading all my collections about photos taken during Qing Dynasty, both original and electronic copies. You must have seen most of them though.....:)



Very nice. I liked your page

Very nice. 
I liked your page and passed to my friends. 



Only a few people find them interesting.

Paul Watty photos moved

My (Paul Watty) photos are now at

Hong Kong photos: 1959-61

Old HK photograph links

Hello David;

A link for some excellent colour shots of 50's/60's HK can be found at a US Navy site

It was common knwledge that the US sailors had better cameras and gear than their Royal Navy counterparts - primarily due to the wage disparity between the navies, with Jack Tar coming in a lowly fourth in line after the Canadians, Americans, and Aussies.

I can especially recommend the shots taken by George Hofius and Scott Martin (who runs the site).  George has an excellent shot of Government House which he took from the top of the Hilton Hotel - and one of the Colonial Secretariat Building just below it.  He also has a shot of the site of the old Foreign Correspondents Club on Conduit Road where scenes for "A Many Splendored Thing" were filmed.

Also, a shot by Don Holloway (50's #25) will show you the HKFC Stadium looking east - showing the line of HKG houses that used to line Wongneichong Road.



Thanks Gerald, some very good

Thanks Gerald, some very good photos there.

I can't see any way to link directly to a gallery, but George's photos are at Photo Galleries >> 60's photos >> 65-68 George Hofius  >> In and around Hong Kong.

Regards, David

USS DeHaven link

Hi David;

Try this one:

Best regards,


USS DeHaven link

Hi David;

Try this one:

Best regards,


Re: USS Dehaven photo album

Hi Geralk

I noticed images 89 & 90 should have been looking towards Pokfulam Reservoir and the High West respectively instead of the Repulse Bay.   The photographer would likely be somewhere on The Peak.

On the other hand, the Cinema featuring 'The Battle of the Bulge' as shown in photo 121 was said to be haunted.  Sort of a believe it or not stuff.

Best Regards,


I think Scott Martins photos

I think Scott Martins photos are the best ones in existence of Wanchai in the '60s-I've never yet found any better ones (well, I took a few myself in '72, but not nearly as many as him). Too bad he doesn't keep that album on Flickr (or Gwulo!), where a lot more people might see his work.

Scott Martin's Photographs

Scott is the webmaster for, so you could always drop him a line and make that suggestion.  I agree with you about Wanchai during the 60's - he even got a shot of the China Fleet Club, which I never did in all the years I lived there.  Several of the others in the DeHaven Photo Gallery uploaded business cards from all the Wanchai bars they frequented, including a letter to the ship's company inviting them in for a complimentary first drink. They don't do that anymore!

I tried contacting him

I tried contacting him through his Facebook page-I wanted to use a few of his photos to illustrate my collection of HK bar cards on Flickr, but got no response.

Contacting Scott Martin

You'll probably have better luck contacting him using the USSDeHaven page contact info.  I did that and got a response from him.

old hk photos on nzd national library website

lots of photos from 1949, including some unusual ones. Strong BOAC connection


There is also the Hong Kong in the '60s group

Film stills

Phil's blog is a good example of how film stills are a source for photos of old Hong Kong. He's posted and identified stills from a bunch of different films and TV series, with a special interest in Kung-fu movies. 

Regards, David

Film Stuff

thanks for the link, David. Thomas has been instrumental in discovering many of the film locations as well.