"Leonard" 4-6 Pollock's Path [????- ]

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I believe these two houses are still owned by HSBC and its top executives live there.

I would live there.  They are the site of the very first house on RBL 1 on the Peak. 

There was a feature in Next Magazine many years ago - I'm thinking 1997 to 2000 - on the executive homes owned by major Hong Kong companies.  I am pretty sure an aerial picture of Leonard was shown. 

The question is, can anyone find that issue of the magazine?


In the picture, you can see part of Leonard (upper right), part of The Ridge, No. 7 Pollock's Path, Hilden and even part of Fung Shui (middle right of the picture, below the apartment at 1-3 Pollock's Path)


Does anybody know how is the owner of polllock's path No. 7 now?

thats a brilliant picture! you can even see the old 'sky high' house!!!!!!

Hi boardnasty.  The picture does not show the old Skyhigh, which was demolished well before the picture was taken.  I think the house you are looking at is No. 7 Pollock's Path.  

No .7 is the house with the high exterior glass and satellite dish.  It is slightly in front of The Ridge and just above Hilden.  No. 7 was once owned by actor Stephen Chow Sing Chi.