Hong Kong 1937 Colour Film

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Someone sent me this Youtube video of Hong Kong in 1937. I believe it's one of the first colour videos of our little island. 

Places shown in this film: 


Colour Video 1937

I like the bit where it says that it doesn't really matter if a girl drowns but the boys need to be looked after. A mentality still in use North of our boarder, I remember my father telling me that when he was in Marine Police in Tai O, Lantau in the late 70's, they had to fish out the bodies a baby girls that have been drowned and washed down the river.

Re Colour Video 1937

Nice video and thrilling to see some of the still photos from the 1930s on this site coming to life!

Other places of interest shown are Star Ferry at Praya Central/Ice House St, original Blake Pier, former GPO, Pottinger St, QRC near Central Market (2nd generation yet to be demolished) and the Repulse Bay Lido (built circa 1935).

Re: Colour Video 1937

Yes, we're used to 1930s HK in black and white, so it's great to see them in colour. Good find, and thanks for posting.