New Oriental Building [1898-1953]

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The building was completed in 1898.

The name suggests there was another 'Oriental Building' in Central. Can anyone confirm?

Photos that show this place


Not sure but this building may have had something to do with the New Oriental Bank that folded in the 1890s. The Bank was the first note issuing institution in Hong Kong.

1910s Cricket Club Pitch


Note the Butterfield and Swire Building was built in 1897 aprroximately the same period as the other buidlings east of Statue Square.

1910s Praya Central Buildings








King's Building and the the GPO were completed in 1905 and 1911 respectively.

1910s Praya Central Buildings



The Telegraph Building was constructed in 1898 and housed two telegraph companies: Eastern Extension Telegraph Company and the Great Northern Telegraph Company.

St. George's Building was completed in 1904.

The 1899 PWD AR says:

The handsome Offices of the United Telegraph Companies next the Hongkong Club were completed and occupied during the year, also a large block of buildings adjoining it on the East [ie this building], next to Messrs. Butterfield & Swire's Offices.

We've got a couple of sources above giving the completion date as 1898, so I'll leave it at 1898 for now.

I tried a search for 'oriental' in the HK newspapers, 1897-1899. I didn't find any mention of this building, though of course it may not have had this name originally.

I've set the dates:

  • Completion: I received this very prompt reply from HK Land confirming the date: "As per our record, the first site to be developed on the Central Reclamation was Marine Lot 278 at No. 2 on the then newly formed Connaught Road, where a building that eventually came to be known as the New Oriental was completed in 1898. It was a 4-storey building and was Hongkong Land's first building completed on the new reclamation.  However, there is no record of who the architects were for this building."
  • Demolition: I've put 1963 as an estimate, because it's already been demolished in this photo, dated 1963:
    1963 Central Aerial View

Looks like the demolition date should be earlier than my current guess of 1963. The building has already been demolished in this photo, estimated to be from 1954. I've set the demolition date to be 1953 - if anyone can confirm the date, please let me know. (I've tried searches for oriental building and new oriental in the newspapers for 1945-60, but no luck)