Luna Park, North Point [1949-1954]

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Does anyone know the exact location of this old amusement park? Wikipedia has this advert for it's grand opening on 22 Dec 1949, giving the address as 'King's Road, North Point'.

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There is an entry in the Chinese version of Wiki.  It said the park folded in July 1954.  The park had been scaling down in it's last years.  There is a street name after it, called 月園街 Yuet Yuen Street.  The entrance of this short street is on Java Road, between Tin Cheong Street and North Point Road.  It's actually closer to the City Garden.  If you look up North Point Road in your map, Yuet Yuen Street is on its west.  It would be difficult to mark the exact area that Luna Park took up back then, but it should be safe to use Yuet Yuen Street as the focal point.

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Thanks T, I've updated the dates & location according to your findings.