Prince's Building (1st generation) [1904-1963]

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in - Burton Holmes Lectures - Vol 5

Prince's Building under construction 1899

Prince's Building (1st generation) was finally finished in 1904 with the completion of the south-east section of the building.

Reading the text indicates the date to be 1900.

"Thus, thanks to its moral, commercial, and geographical advantages, Victoria is in 1900 the third sea- port of the world, rivaling New York, surpassing Liverpool."

Queen's builiding was completed in 1899, and Princes Building was not started until after that.

IMHO  Alun

Princes Building


Developed by Chater & Mody


On Inland Lot 2181, made up of reclaimed land in front of Marine Lots 102 and 103.


Building constructed in Quarters, north east corner finished first in November 1902, construction proceeded anticlockwise with the final portion completed in 1904


Mainly merchants/legal firms as tenants including, Mitsui Bussan Kaisha, Wilkinson & Grist, Deacons, Johnson Stokes & Master


Became part of HK Central Estate in 1914

Sold in 1923 to local financiers  JE and JA Joseph under Prince‚Äôs Building and Land Company Limited

Hon Kong Land purchased in 1927

Building was demolished in 1962


Source: HK Land at 125