BAAG Reports and Weekly Intelligence Summaries

I will include extracts related to Stanley Camp, and other civilians at large in Hong Kong. The full documents can be accessed in the Elizabeth Ride Collection.



Thanks to Elizabeth Ride for answering the following questions in such detail:

Q1. I've heard you call them "quiz" reports. Where did that name come from?

They were called 'KWIZ':  This was short for Kweillin Weekly Intelligence Summary, with a 'Z' substituted for an 'S'.  I have a letter from my father to the Military Attache explaining this but my papers are not to hand at the moment.

Q2. Who prepared these reports, and where did the information come from?

To answer these questions I quote a piece from my father's report to the War Office in 1946, (which is incidentally being printed as the next volume in  my BAAG series):


(a)         Obviously the first problem in setting up a new E. & E. organization was to collect information concerning the enemy and the Ps/W Camps in HONG KONG.   Unfortunately the surrender of HONG KONG had temporarily dislocated the British secret intelligence organization in S.CHINA, and hence the B.A.A.G. was forced to devise ways and means of collecting its own information.   In addition to this our directive (see Appendix II) definitely required us to appoint an I.O. and “to collect, collate and disseminate all kinds of intelligence” and to forward periodically collated summaries to the Military Attaché.

(b)        Our intelligence was obtained in two main ways:  by the systematic and routine interrogations of the large numbers of Chinese refugees arriving in China from occupied territory, and by the employment of agents.

(c)         In the initial stages of our existence, most of the work was done at our  Advanced H.Q. at WAICHOW and the reports were embodied in the WAICHOW INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY (W.I.S.) which was published weekly and passed to the Military Attaché CHUNGKING and the D.M.I., G.H.Q. NEW DELHI.

          This was a very bad arrangement because reports were three weeks or more old by the time they reached CHUNGKING or NEW DELHI, but it was the best we could do at that time because we did not have permission to use either W/T or Ciphers.   Urgent intelligence was sent via Chinese telegraph in a clear code arranged between the O.C. A.H.Q. and the Commandant at H.Q., an obviously most unsatisfactory procedure.   Even then telegrams took 5-7 days to reach our H.Q.

(d)        With the establishment of a second forward post at SAMFAU (22/25N,  112/42E) south of CANTON, we began to tap the area stretching from MACAO in the East to KWANG CHOW WAN and HAINAN in the West, and our H.Q. at KWEILIN was able to interrogate refugees who had come out of FRENCH INDO-CHINA, from as far afield as SIAM and MALAYA, and also refugees from SHANGHAI.   KWEILIN was the common meeting ground of the routes from all these occupied areas leading to CHUNGKING.

(e)         To deal with this ever-increasing flow of intelligence from these additional  areas, an Intelligence Section had to be set up at H.Q.   It comprised:- translation personnel for dealing with Japanese, Chinese and French papers, documents, periodicals and books;  draftsmen for reproducing maps, sketches, diagrams, outlines of enemy ships etc.;   confidential clerks for the typing, and I.O.’s for the collating, grading and production of the reports in final form.   The reports were published in the KWEILIN WEEKLY INTELLIGENCE SUMMARY (K.W.I.Z.) which superseded the W.I.S. (Waichow Intelligence Summary)   The lay-out of K.W.I.Z. and the distribution of the various sections are given in Appendix IV. 

(f)         In 1943, permission was given by the Chinese for the use of W/T.   This meant that reports from HONG KONG could be at H.Q. in 3 – 4 days instead of two weeks as before.   Those of operational value were immediately passed to the U.S.A.A.F. 68th Composite Wing H.Q. at KWEILIN who came to depend on us more and more for information from the HONG KONG – CANTON AREA.

Q3. Who received the summaries, and how did they benefit from them?

This distribution list shows who received copies of the Summaries.  Please let me know if you want explanations of the initials.:


(Showing number of copies of each Section distributed)

M.A. Chungking2111122221
W.O. London6666666666
W.D. Washington1111111111
D.M.I. Melbourne1111111111
14 USAAF, Kunming-222------
US Naval Attache, Ckg.-111------
JICA/CBI, APO 627-111------
HQ, USAF/CBI, Chungking1111111111
68 C.W., 14 USAAF-222--1---
AGFRTS, Kunming-111------
AGAS, Kunming2---------
CW Offr, JICA/CBI Branch---1------
C.C.C. Kunming-111-111--
C.C.C. Kweiyang-111------
A.M.A. Kunming1111111111
B.L.O. China-333-111--
B.M.W.P. Kunming-1---1111-
AMA Sub-office Kunming|-111-111--
US Naval Unit, 14 USAAF 888      
GI(I), HQ, BMM, Chungking   1      
Thro’ E Group India:          
     ‘E’ Group3333333333
     GSI(a), (ii) Army GP----111-1-
     F.E.S Int Div, Adv HQ SAC SEAC ----11--11
     Force 1361---111111
     Comb. Sec.1--------1
     ‘E’ Group2222222222
Force 136, India-111      
BAAG Internal5555455544

Here are some of the opinions of BAAG I have collected, demonstrating how valuable these Summaries were:

  • National Archives: WO 208/517.
    From MI2 (March 1944)
    “Intelligence of a high order”
    “Of the highest importance to our intelligence work in the China Theatre”
    “An indispensable intelligence link”
    “A source of very valuable intelligence”
    “One of our most valuable “I” links, keeping us informed on all manner of subjects about which we should otherwise know little”.
    “The excellent work being done”
    “A resumption of the full work of this intelligence organisation is of such importance to us that I consider the matter warrants representations being made to General Chiang Kai-shek”.
  • NA FO 371/46197
    From C in C India (9.2.45)
    “BAAG activities are definite contribution to Allied War effort against Japanese.   Figures of the rescued to date and future possibilities confirm this. … BAAG Medical role has proved of inestimable value to generally existing relations with Chinese … Diminution BAAG activity will curtail flow of intelligence which has so far proved most useful and been particularly appreciated by Americans … excellent results attained to date …”
  • NA HS 1/166 (SOE papers)
    To SACSEA (
    Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia, i.e. Lord Mountbatten) - author unknown (?13.11.44)
    “… As an escape organisation BAAG has fully justified its formation. Apart from the additional security commitments imposed on the Japanese by its activities in this respect, … it renders considerable service to the USAAF operating in China, in helping their crashed air crews.  GHQ India are of opinion that this assistance alone justifies a request for American help to meet the airlift required for maintenance.   Intelligence provided by BAAG is, according to GHQ India, of the greatest importance in connection with the protection of the Indian Army, and of India as a base, from Japanese subversive efforts and espionage.  BAAG also provides intelligence to the USAAF operating from China.   SOE operations in SE China have been carried out through an SOE wing of BAAG, and SOE … are anxious to continue to work through BAAG in this area, and attach considerable importance to the maintenance of BAAG.  If BAAG were withdrawn, SOE would have to start there from scratch.   The Colonial Office also attach great importance to the maintenance of BAAG.  It not only provides them with intelligence necessary for their planning, but through it they are organising the recruitment of former Chinese members of the Hongkong police and other departments whose services will be required when a British military administration is set up in Hongkong.  …  For the Chinese both BAAG and the Military Mission represent, in large measure, the British war effort in China.  As such they have considerable political importance and play their part in the maintenance of Anglo-Chinese relations …”
  • AWM PR82/068
    From Military Attaché (27.10.44)
    “… It is not too much to say that the BAAG has done more during the past three difficult years to raise British prestige in China than any other body or organisation … [you have kept] our various masters fed with a constant flow of valuable intelligence and maintained cordial relations with both our Chinese and American Allies. … you have been assisted by an amazingly good team … the good results which have been achieved are mainly due to the fact that they have worked as a team.  But that they are a team and not just a collection of individuals is due to your own personality …”
  • AWM PR82/068
    From DMI [Major General Cawthorn - Australian] GHQ India (17.2.44)
    “… As was probably inevitable, the very nature of its [BAAG] organisation, its contacts, and the intelligence it had to acquire in order to perform its original function has resulted in the Aid Group growing into an all round intelligence organisation.  Full recognition by the Chinese has afforded excellent facilities under cover of prisoner of war and internee rescue work to supply not only the American Air Force operating from bases in China, but also our own Naval intelligence with operational information of a highly valuable nature.  These, however, are not the only services benefiting.  Reports on commercial matters, enemy propaganda activities, and the suborning of Indian personnel for INA and IIL purposes are, additionally, all now flowing through the Headquarters of this Aid Group.  The organisation has with much truth been likened to a funnel extending right into Japanese-occupied territory …”
  • NA WO 208/3498
    Report on GSI(e) [BAAG] Work in China (author and date unknown)
    “Kweilin:  HQ is well situated here to despatch agents to Canton, Shanghai, Macao, and Kwangchowwan, and the increasingly good relations between the BAAG and the Chinese military and official authorities looks like producing profitable results.  The Chinese authorities no longer regard the BAAAG with suspicion and have “accepted” them.  This may be regarded as a triumph for Col Ride and his staff.  
    HQ have gone on the policy of working the Hongkong and Canton areas as the staff was familiar with these towns;  they were new to this kind of work but with the experience gained are now in a position to work other areas where there are PW. … 
    In general it may be said that GSI(e) which was started specifically in connection with PW, has developed into an organisation which covers practically every branch of intelligence - information about every side of the enemy’s activities (army, naval, air, and economic), deception, security, and censorship, besides providing information about the Chinese military activities and economic situation (and rackets) … 
    They have gradually become regarded in China as the right depository of all intelligence.  This organisation has resulted in Ride getting the information about “Rudolf Hess” and in getting a long report out of Balankura;  the latter was over a week in Chungking without any Britisher or American having been allowed to speak to or see him!  Mr. Fletcher of MEW has assured me that Ride’s economic information is far the best he has read, the DIB value the security reports on persons from and in Hongkong, Mr. Davis of the SIS greatly appreciates the naval intelligence and the Americans have thought it worth while to attach an officer to Ride’s HQ who lives with the officers. … 
    When eyes are turned eastward we shall be grateful to have the foundations of an intelligence organisation in being in China.  At the present moment, the Americans require it and General Chennault has expressed himself as most grateful for what is provided by the BAAG, and regards the BAAG as his only source of information in the Hongkong - Waichow areas. …”

The contents of the divisions I to VI in the Distribution List are as follows:

SECTION I  -  Ps W, Internees, Escapers, Evaders

(a)    Camps:      Information affecting conditions, food, health, morale, attempted and possible escapes, distribution and movement of Ps W and Internees etc.

(b)   Reports from Escapers, Evaders, Refugees; letters from occupied Territory.

SECTION II  -           General Intelligence

(a)    Shipping – Naval and Merchant.

(b)   Air Force – Targets.

(c)    Military.

SECTION III - Non-military Intelligence

(a)    Political – administration.

(b)   Economic data, transport, railways, roads, medical, scientific, Religion, education.

(c)    Japanese propaganda, atrocities, secret service activities, blacklist, personalities etc.

SECTION IV – Chinese Intelligence

(a)    Military.

(b)   Political.

SECTION V - Intelligence for Press Attaché

(a)    Translations of articles from newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets from enemy occupied areas.

SECTION VI - Indians

(a)    Military personnel – PsW, location, morale, etc.

(b)   Indian National Army – Traitors etc.

(c)    Civilians – personalities.

(d)   Indian Independence League, Indian Affairs Office.

(e)    Propaganda.

(f)    Escaper and Refugee reports.


I asked about the difference in numbering between WIS and KWIZ. Elizabeth Ride replied:

The discrepancy in numbering is because we are dealing with two different Intelligence Summaries - Waichow Intelligence Summary (WIS) and Kweilin Weekly Intelligence Summary (KWIZ).  

The first KWIZ (KWIZ #1) was produced on 17.5.1943, mainly, I suspect, on the recommendation of Lt Col Ridgway of GHQ India.  I quote from the last page of his report (WO 208/3498) in 1943: "In view of the fact the Intelligence comes to Ride's HQ from several directions besides Waichow it is suggested that the provision of  a trained I.O. at Kweilin  would enable them to produce a Kweilin Summary instead of a Waichow Summary, wireless being used to pass back information of immediate importance".  Section I of KWIZ contained "All information connected with prisoners-of-war, internees, third nationals, etc."

The last WIS (WIS #72) was produced in May 1944.

Elizabeth Ride writes:

These agents all did unbelievable service, every one of them.  One day you might have use for what my father wrote about them:

"Hongkong's war did not cease with the surrender of her fighting forces in December 1941, but few realize to what extent we can be justificably proud of the daring deeds of her children, performed during the following period of sustained war effort of which the 18 days of battle was but the prologue.  It was Hongkong's own contribution to the final defeat of Japan.

"The aim of this band of men and women was to serve as best they could for the ultimate resoration of the homes and the communities which they and their forebears had built up and which they had grown to love and revere.

"They were resolved to carry on their fight agsinst the Japanese after the defeat of the Colony's regular defenders.  This new fight of theirs was not a fight of foxholes and mortars, of ack-ack guns and jungle defence:  it was a long, sustained fight of stoical courage an endurance, of intrigue and counter-intrigue, of matching their wits against a cunning foe and, last but not least, of gambling with high stakes for duty's reward alone."

 KWIZ #1 31.5.43.

 INT/HQ/107 - Monaghan, Selwyn Clarke, letter Dalziel-Ozorio.

Ia - Stanley Camp conditions .Messages.

Ib - Indian Escapes

Ic - Canton, Weihsien, Chefoo, map of Canton

IIa - Naval convoy, Hospital ships

IIb - US Raid on Canton 8.5.43, US  raid on Macheung, Siemens-Halske Air Defence Communications system

IIc -  enemy troops, movements etc, Samfou/Kongmoon, Hankow, KwongChowWan (hereafter KCW), HK blackouts, HK military stores, map of Kongmoon area, Macheung customs.

IIIa - BAAG agemts forced into inactivity.  KCW, HK shipping registration

IIIb - Wolfram, mercury, cotton, rubber, gold coins and currency, exchanges, Samfou prices, tin, antimony, HK metals, commodity prices, Macao, KCW, timber, silk, HK oil rationed

IIIc - 'Japan's new policy towards China', Map Macheung Customs, Stanley atrocity, Japanese spies Macao.

Samfou rice graph.

KWIZ #2, 15.6.43.

Id - Macao escape: Fletcher, Wilson , Davis etc party of 37 people.  Sketch Map of Macao and area.  Guerilla leader Leung Wai Cheung.  Sketch map Macao-Kweilin.

IIa - Shipping.  

IIb - HK blackouts.  Waichow.  Kwangtung coast.  KCW.  Canton, USAAF raid May 1943. Yoyang USAAF raid.   Sketch maps Waichow area, Danes Island

IIc - HK Japanese officials, Jap units.  Japan.  Canton.  Kongmoon.  KCW.  Sketch map Samfou and Kongmoon/Sunhwui area.

IId - Hainan.  Chekiang railway.


IIIb - South China shipbuilding.  Wolfram.  KCW.  Shanghai shipbuilding.  HK shipbuilding.  Sugar, Wood,  oil etc.  

IVa - Jap fighter aircraft.  Chinese Air Force insignia.

VIa - Murder of P.C. Ali Mohamed.

VId - Indian Ind League (hereafter IIL) in Japan..

KWIZ #3, 20.6.43.

Ia - Casualty.

Ic - Arrests.

Id - Stanley, card acknowledgements Mrs Elvidge, George and Dolly Witchell, T Ramsey, R Murray, Mrs Martin.  Arrests. 

IIa - Naval convoy.  Shipbuilding. 

IIb - Haiphong.  USAAF air raid 8.5.43 Canton.  Kai Tak.  Japanese Air force.  New Guinea. 

IIc - Military stores.  Canton. 

IId - Japanese army in 7th War Zone (detail).  Puppets.  Shanghai.  KCW report on detailed conditions. 

IIIa - Jap Air services in Asia.  Press conference.  Census.  HKSBC shares.  Canton.  French Indo China (hereafter FIC).  Philippines. 

IIIb - Commodities price list.  Syndicates: Yaumati Fishery, Kowloon Pawnshop, Herbs.  Sugar.  Fishing and forestry.   Cotton.  Toishan area.  Macao copper.  Malaya.  Sugar Philippines.  Timber Burma .  FIC general. 

IIIc - Hospital ships. 

IIId - Macao.  Manchuria.  

IVa - South China transport survey. 

VIb - Indian Army Burma. 

VId - IIL Malaya.  IIL Hongkong. 

VIe - Japanese propaganda. 

VIf - Arrest of British subjects and Indian escapees.  Japanese propaganda. 

Arrests details.

KWIZ #4, 27.6.43

Ia - Taiwan.  Chefoo.  Tsingtao.  Shanghai. 

Ic - Shanghai.  Lisbon Maru.  Stanley: Waterton, Logan, Griggs, Garton.  Indonesia. 

IIa - Shipping.  Canton.  KCW, Shirogane Maru (ch), shipping.  FIC.  Borneo.  Japanese navy. 

IIb - Kam Tin.  Canton.  KCW, Macheung.  FIC.  Hainan.  Swatow.  Japanese air force.  Szechuan.   Kunming.  Japan. Siberia. 

IIc - KCW.  FIC.  Japanese Expeditionary Forces.  Siam.  South Pacific.  Japanese forces.  Borneo.  Japanese Army. 

IIIa - Japanese army.  Canton.  KCW.  FIC.  Siam.  Burma.  Singapore.  Dutch East Indies.  Celebes.  Japanese Trade corporation.  Philippines.  Tientsin.  Japan.  Manchukuo. 

IIIb - HK price control.  Rice shortage.  Salt control.  Iron and Brass.  Food import.  Electricity shortage.  KCW.  Hainan (description).  Siam.  Borneo.  Malaya.  Sumatra.   Philippines.  China trade with Japan.  Japan.  Manchukuo.  Money transactions in Canton.

IIIc - Enemy secret agents in HK.  Macao.  Philippines.  Japanese propaganda. 

IVa - North China propaganda.

KWIZ #5, 12.7.43.

Ia - Refugee report.  HKVDC dependents.  Canton.  Working POWs in China.  FIC.  Shanghai.  Singapore.  Philippines.  Japan.

Ib - FIC.

KWIZ #6,  21.7.43.

Ia - French Hospital radio.  SSPo.  Argyle St.  Stanley - mentioned: Grayburn, Streatfield, Hyde, Chester-Bennet, Cressal, HKSBC wives.  French Hospital arrests.  Philippines.  Japan.  

KWIZ #7,  26.7.43

Ia - Stanley- mentioned:  Drummond, Ryan, Costello, Sheppard, Monaghan, Cunningham, MacKenzie, Shea.  Canton.  Philippines. 

KWIZ #8,  4.8.43.

Ia - Bankers mentioned: Olive, MacLatchie, Davis, Perry, Hawkins, Lady Grayburn, MacKenzie.  Red Cross supplies purloined.  Arrests.  Radium.  Doctors/solicitors arrests ( ch ch).  Canton.  Chekiang POWs. Philippines.   Japan POWs. 

KWIZ #9,  14.8.43

Ia - Stanley- mentioned: Talbot, Grayburn, Streatfield, Edmondston, Phillips, Hyde.  Bankers.  French Hospital.  Releases: da Silva, van Bergen, Arthur Woo.  Arrests.  Hyde's wife.  Canton.  FIC. 

Ib - Macao escape:  Burke, Jouey (Bank of Indochina HK)  BAAG guide. 

KWIZ #10,  24.8.43.

Ia - French Hospital radio.  Arrests: M K Lo, K C Yeo, Andrews,. 

KWIZ #11, 25.8.43.

Ia - Stanley prison, mentioned: Selwyn Clarke, Bunje, Grayburn, Hyde.  Arrests: D S P Scott, M K Lo.  Stanley camp, mentioned: Williams, Cummings, Court, Nicholson, Carvalho, Botelho, Maxwell, Gardner?, Xavier, Souza, Rocha, Castro.  Working POWs at Kai Tak.  Shanghai.  

KWIZ #12,  2.9.43.

Ia - Watson, May.  Internees, POWs.  Shanghai.  Manchuria

Ib -Escape from Shanghai

KWIZ #13,  10.9.43.

Ia - Stanley, mentioned:  Perdue. Scott Yokohama Specie Bank.  Sanitary Department arrests: Warburton, Sinton, Hooper, Macey.  SSPo/Argyle St  guard posts.  Arrests: Sykes, Arthur Woo.   Portuguese residents.  Neutrals.  Dutch.

KWIZ #14,  16.9.43.

Ia - Arrests.  Death Charles Tetzel. Shanghai.  Philippines.

KWIZ #15,  22.9.43

Ia - SSPo POWs.  Stanley: parcels, Selwyn Clarke, Bunje.  Releases: da Silva, Van Bergen, Carvalho.  Deaths.  Free nationals.  Canton.  

KWIZ #16, 1.10.43.

Ia - Doctors in Hongkong.  Solicitors arrested - property transactions.  Stanley, mentioned: G Kynoch. China.  Japan: POW mail.  

KWIZ #17,  13.10.43.

Ia - Movement of POWs. Shamshuipo.  Argyle St.  Stanley, mentioned: Scott.  POW working parties.  Siam POWs.

KWIZ #18,  22.10.43.

Ia - POW Officers to Formosa.  Bowen Road.  Stanley: Perdue letter, Stanley radio discovered, Pennyfeather-Evans, Scott, Streatfield, Edmonston, Kotwall, Grayburn, Morris, Hyde.  Arrests:  Frs Joy, Casey.   Argyle St radio discovered.   Bankers.  Rosary Hill.  Repatriation.  Hall Brutton.  North China.  Escapes Petersen and da Roza (statements).

KWIZ #19, 3.11.43.

Ia - Shamshuipo.  Matauchung.  Stanley: Collier, Joseph.  Internment of Italians.  Harry Ching.  Rosary Hill.  Lewis, Brayfield,  Chester-Bennet, Talbot, Grayburn, Hyde, Arthur Woo. Lewis, Compton, Mason. White Russian Committee.   POW working parties.

KWIZ #20, 11.11 43.

Ia - Stanley: parcel service, Streatfield, Selwyn Clarke, Bunje.  Arrests: Hall, Scott, Rees, Edmondston, Hyde, Newham, ford, Grey, Routledge, Haddok, Craven, Fraser, Pennyfeather-Evans, Fay, Morrison, Bidmead.  Argyle St radio.  Red Cross inspection of Camps.  Swatow. Shanghai

Ib - Farrell escape.

KWIZ #21

Ia - Stanley, mentioned: Bankers Maclatchie, Davis, Mackenzie, Phillips, Perry, Mack, Monoghan, Kennedy, Foy, King, Hampden, Edmondston, Streatfield, Hyde, Grayburn.       Other arrests.  Italians arrested.

Layout of KWIZ Sections

KWIZ #22,  29.11.43

Ia - Working POWs.  SSPo.  Solicitor death (share transfer deeds). Harry Ore. Humphreys.  Peter Sin. Canton.

KWIZ #23, 4.12.43

Ia - Stanley conditions, mentioned: Saunders.  Selwyn Clarke.  Rosary Hill.  Bangkok.

KWIZ #24, 11.12.43

Ia - Working POWs.  Selwyn Clarke, Grayburn, Ansari.  Rosary Hill.  North China. FIC.

KWIZ #25, 18.12.43

Ia - SSPo + Stanley Radios discovered.  Stanley Gaol lists.  POWs to Formosa.  POW  shipped away.  POW working parties.  Rosary Hill.  Chinese POWs.  US Naval POWs, US air crew in SSPo.  Weihsien conditions.  FIC.

KWIZ #26, 22.12.43

Ia - SS 'Sai On', Joseph Lewis .  Stanley, mentioned: Selwyn Clarke, Tindell(Tyndall) Bunje.     Macao, SS Sai On.  Shanghai.

KWIZ #27,  30.12.43

Ia - Stanley: Grayburn, Stanley Gaol lists, Court, Graham, Cummings, Nicholson,  Rudy Choy, Oatway, Evans.   French Hospital.  Free in HK: Nodes, Cuthbertson, Stevenson, Hall Brutton, Pascoe .   Bowen Rd Hospital: Harrison, Durran, Andersen, Fredericks, Lewis.  Argyle St (names).  SSPo (names)  Stanley names: Sherry, Griffiths, Simmonds. Stanley parcels.  Brokers/solicitors arrested, M.K.Lo etc + 300 others.  Boxer, Craven.  Stanley, mentioned: Saunders, Pope, Hollis, Taylor, Bartlett.  Others: Jennings, Dillon, Critchell, Little, Dibden.   Shanghai.

KWIZ #28, 6.1.44

Ia - Stanley. POW camps.   HKSBC names.   Dodwell & Co names.  Arrests: Police Reservists, Portuguese, HK Govt servants, Ruttonjee.  29 Oct executions.  Movements of POWs.  SS 'Sai On': arrests.   USAAF Colonel captured.  Camps in  Cochin.  Saigon Cemetery list.

KWIZ #29, 13.1.44

Ia - Stanley, mentioned: Martin, Nora, Jenning, Evan Gaunt.  Burma.

KWIZ #30,  19.1.44

Ia - Arrests: Dock employees, Police Reservists , Club Lusitano.  Working POWs.  Chungking agents. 

Ib -  Lt Colbert USAAF- escape story.    

 KWIZ #31, 23.1.44.

Ia - Working parties POWs.   Arrests: 8 officers.

KWIZ #32, 26.1.44.

Ia - POWs and working parties.  Burma.

KWIZ #33, 1.2.44.

Ia - Third Nationals: rations, Hart, Marshall, D'Almeida (metals), Wilkinson, Manning, Dorothy Lee, Hunter aka Tatler, Eastland, Carroll (metals), McDonald, Landau, May Dairy Farm, Humphreys, Evans.   Rosary Hill.

Ib - Refugee route from HK, escapee Lawrence Allen.  

KWIZ #34, 5.2.44

Ia - Stanley correspondence.  POW working parties.  KCW.  FIC.                                                                                                                

Ib - Escape report Rev Victor Barnett

KWIZ #35 not found.

KWIZ #36, 18.2.44.

Ia - Japanese  POW photograph attached. Shanghai.

KWIZ #37,  25.2.44.

Ia - Canton raid:  USAAF airman downed.   FIC.

KWIZ #38,  3.3.44.

Ia - Selwyn Clarke.   Cuthbertson.  Argyle St.  De Sercey.    Shamshuipo POW transfer.   POW working party.  SSPo.  Third National: Sunny Sullivan.   Stanley names.  Rosary Hill.

Ib - USAAF airmen Brenner etc, Lee, Bates.

KWIZ #39,  10.3.44.

Ia -   Shamshuipo.  Shanghai.

KWIZ #40,  17.3.44.

Ia - Margaret Ho Tung.  Third Nationals travel permits.  Stanley parcels.  Arrests.   Chungking men arrests.   Shamshuipo.  Macao: Braga.  Canton.   Formosa.

Ib - Escapee Tyau/Chungking.

KWIZ #41,  24.3.44

Ia - Argyle St: POW working parties.  Hunter/'Tatler'.  POW transfer from SSPo.  Arrests of  Hyde, Chester Bennett, Monaghan, Kotwall, Edmonston, Philip Chan, Micky Souza, Frs Joy and Casey, Pascoe, Loie, Scott, Anderson, Hall, Ansari, Selwyn Clarke, Bunje, Zingo, Micky Williams, Wai Po Chung, Talbot, T F Lo, Hong Sling.  Lawson monument.   Shanghai.  Lisbon Maru.

Ib - USAAF Kerr.

KWIZ #42,  31.3.44.

 Ia - Argyle St (list).  Killed during hostilities (short list).  Stanley (list).  HKSBC names.  Dairy Farm (list).  French Hospital.  Bank personnel interned.   Tyndal report.  Formosa.  Siam.  Japan.

KWIZ #43,  7.4.44.

Ia - Shamshuipo.   Shanghai.  Burma.

Ib - USAAF Escape story Donald Kerr.

KWIZ #44,  14.4.44.

Ia - Booker.  SSPo POW transfer.  Chester Bennet.

KWIZ #45,  21.4.44.

Ia - Shamshuipo Thursby HKVDC.  At liberty in HK: Forster, Watson.  Japan US airman.

KWIZ #46,  28.4.44.

Ia - Movement of POWs.  Stanley.  Rosary Hill.   Stanley, mentioned: Rainey, Wilcox, Dimond, Nickson, Pierce.   Kotwall/Ibrahim/Ladd.  Shanghai: Lunghwa Camp list,  other camps: Pootung, Great Western Road, Columbia Club, Haiphong Road, Yangchow, Unnamed camp.  Lunghwa Camp conditions and map.

KWIZ #47,  5.5.44.

Ia - POW working parties.  Argyle St.  Shamshuipo.  B24 downed.  Arrests over property deals.   Stanley, mentioned: Edmonston, Monaghan, Perdue, Cressal.  Arrests:  Louis Woo, Wong Siu Bun (Preston), George She, Lo Tung Fan, William Hong Sling, Ho Wing.  Arnold Trading company.  Church communities in Camps. Red Cross grants in Stanley: Batty-Snith, Fortescue, Marshall, Reddish, Witham.  Killed: Lambert.  Rosary Hill.  POWs, general.   SS      Sai On.  Shanghai (lists).  FIC USAAF raid.  Japan - US airmen POW, text and photo.

Ib - Refugee Barisheff statement.

KWIZ #48,  12.5.44.

Ia - Jap POW photo.  Stanley, mentioned: Meftan, Craig, Osborne, Worrall, Zavaruhin.  SSPO: Gosano.    Rosary Hill.  Staff of HK Red Cross Office.  French Hospital.   17 POW camps in Japan.

KWIZ #49,  19.5.44.

Ia -  Downed B24. Movement of POWs:  Durie transfer/letter.  Rosary Hill.  Shanghai.   POW photograph with key.

KWIZ #50, 25.5.44.

Ia - Portuguese arrests (list) etc..  Boxer.  Stanley prison: Selwyn Clarke, Strauss.  SSPo. Argyle St.   Stanley Camp - now Military Internment Camp.  Mentioned: Marrs, Diane Dodwell.  Asiatic Petroleum Co list.   Blumenthal, Dennis. At liberty Landau.  Rosary Hill.  French Hospital.  Transfer from Shamshuipo. Argyle St.  Macao. Shanghai.  Burma: US airman.

KWIZ #51, 2.6.44.

Ia - SSPo general. Argyle St general.   Bowen Road Hospital general.    Stanley general, mentioned: Cressall, Evans, Grayburn..  Stanley Gaol, mentioned: Grayburn, Streatfield, Talbot, Edmondson, Foy, Gamidge, Cruikshank, Scott, Fraser, Rees, Waterton, Newham, Boxer, Hyde, Monaghan, Chester Bennett, Selwyn Clarke, Tester.   HKSBC case.  HK International Red Cross.  Portuguese arrests, list.   Third Nationals.  Macao.  Formosa: Gen  Percival, Gen Wainwright, Mark Young.  

KWIZ #52,  9.6.44  

Ia - Lists of POWs and Stanley Internees.  Argyle St.  Movement of POWs.  POWs as hostages on boats.  S.E. Kwantung: B25 downed, USAAF airmen at AHQ (Laverell etc).  Burma POWs.  

KWIZ #53, 16.6.44.

I - SSPo POWs shipped out.  McKenzie.  Argyle St.  USAAF B24 on show.  Stanley: Court, Nicholson.  Canton.  Central China camps.   

KWIZ #54, 23.6.44

I - POWs.  Landau.  Central China.  Shanghai.  

KWIZ #55, 30.6.44.

I - Shanghai escapees.  

KWIZ #56, 7.7.44.

I - Rosary Hill.  Captive B24 USAAF airmen.  Whitfield Barracks.   Portuguese POWs.  Canton, Indian POWs. 

KWIZ #57,  14.7.44.

I - SSPo.  Argyle St.  Matauchung.  Stanley: Cox.  Canton.  KCW.  

KWIZ #58,  21.7.44.

I - POWs general. Stanley: Farrar.   Shanghai camps and list.  HKVDC escapees.  Thailand camps, list and conditions.  

KWIZ #59,  28.7.44

Ia - French Hospital.  Argyle St.  SSPo.  Matauchung.  POW working party.   USAAF B24 crew,  crash off Saiwan.  Shanghai.  Malaya POW camps, Guerillas.  

KWIZ #60 not found.

KWIZ #61, 11.8.44.

Ia - Escapee Goodwin.  Stanley.  North China.  

KWIZ #62, 18.8.44.

I.. Arrests: Selwyn Clarke, Bunje.  Japan: POW Camps.    

KWIZ #63,  25.8.44.

: I. Movement of POWs.  Stanley Gaol: Newnham, Gray etc., 20 civilians: Pennyfeather-Evans, Waterton, etc.  Boxer.

KWIZ #64,  1.9.44.

I. POWs.  Amoy.  Shanghai.  Japan. 

KWIZ #65 not found.

KWIZ #66,  15.9.44.                                                                                           

I - Argyle St, Matauchung.  Shamshuipo working party.   Rosary Hill.

IIa - Shipping movements.  Work and conditions in Dockyards.   Kowloon Docks, Taikoo dockyard (departments).  F-type cargo ships.  Shirogane Maru.  Cosmopolitan Dock staff. Captured ships: Fatshan/Nankai/Koto Maru.   Japanese fleet.  Shipping sketches.   Taikoo Dockyard sketch.

IIb - AA positions.  Bombing targets.  Fuel storage: Kowloon Motor Bus Co.  9321 Butai.   KCR area.  Sheklung map. Canton.  South China.  Japanese Fleet Air arm.

IIc - Jap units.  HK Buildings and their uses (list).  Kowloon martial law.  Defence wire.   KCR area.   Red guerillas.  Bridges.  Carrier pigeons.   Canton.   South China..

IIIa - Billeting of Japanese.  German residents.   Kwangtung.

IIIb - Commodity supply and prices.  Collection of metals.  Linmahang mines.  Felling of trees.  Electricity services.   Ferry.   Chung Hwa Book Co, banknotes.    KCR area.   Hainan. Canton.

VI - New IIL Committee.

KWIZ #67,  22.9.44.

I - Indian escapees.  Thailand: POWs, Thai civil internment camp.

IIa - Shipping movements.  Auxiliary sailing vessels.

IIc - Jap troop movements and dispositions.  KCR area.  KCW.   South China  Situation Report.

IIIa - Residential Identity boards.   Gendarme police.   Ying Wah school.  Public Lottery.   Canton area. KCW area

IIIb - Commodity supply prices.   Communications: raiway, handcarts, bus service.  Population.  Banks.  Military yen.  Shipping syndicate,  auxiliary sailing vessels.   Canton.  KCW.   Hainan.  China.  Korea.   Japan.

IV - Red guerilla attack, Red handbills.

                                                                                                                      [HKU 1-62]

KWIZ #68 , 29.9.44

IIa - Jap local patrols.  Wooden vessels.   Ah King, Tsunan, Kwong Cheung Hing, Kwong Hip Lung, Tung Tai, Aberdeen dock, Naval dockyard, collection of metals.   Electricity suspended Kowloon/Cosmopolitan Dock.  Sunken vessels (typhoon) marked.   Macao. South China.  Naval Dockyard sketch .

IIb - Bombing report.  AA defences.   Canton area.  Japan.

IIc - Jap conscription in HK.  KCR area: bridges, new Jap command, troop movements, defences.  Canton.   West River area.   Macao.  Japan.

IIIa - Education.  Public Library Helena May Institute.  Postal delivery security.  Repatriation Office. Free Govt medical treatment.  Court prosecutions.   Canton area.  Sino-Japan treaty.  Jap taxation in China.

IIIb - Commodities price list.   Import/export trade.   Communication handcart prices.  Electricity supply.   Collection of metals.   Canton area.  Macao.   KCW area.  China.   Japan.

IIIc - Canton area.   Macao. 

Enemy propaganda leaflets.

KWIZ #69,  6.10.44.

IIa - Shipping observed.  Ye Chau Island.  China.  Singapore.   Penang.

IIb - Construction ceases at Kai Tak.   Canton.

IIc - Heep Yun school.  Canton.  South China situation report 46.

IIIa - Jap administration.   Pharmaceutical companies in HK and supplies.  Canton area.  Shanghai.

IIIb - Exchange rates.   Commodity supply/prices.   High cost of Living.  Ferry service.  Electricity supply.  Telegraph & telephones.   Collection of metals.   KCR area.  Macao.  China.   Philippines.   Japan.

IIIc - Opium and Narcotics.   Macao.  China. 

VI - Karnail Singh HKRSA.  IIL Canton.

KWIZ #70,  13.10.44.

IIa - Shipping count.   Kowloon Docks, Taikoo Dockyard.  Shipping observed.   Powered junks.  Shipping in dockyards, sketches.   Shiragane Maru .

IIb - Aircraft count, Kai Tak.  Petrol storage. Bombing reports.   AA Shataukok, sketch Hip Tung Ho, HK Gas Works.  Tokwawan quarry sketch.   Canton area.

IIc - Jap transit damp.  Oil storage (Socony Oil equipment).  KCR area.   Canton area.  Enemy West River strength/Order of Battle.   Jap battle charms.   South China sitrep.

IIIa - Canton area.  China: People's National Army Au Tai Hing.

IIIb - Electricity supply:  HK Brewery, Kowloon Docks, CLP.   Bus service. Telegraph. Tokwawan quarry.  Movement of machinery: HK Steam Laundry.  Collection of metals (bronze lions).   Yamato Association.   CKR area.  Canton: Hip Tung Wo, HK ferry.  Macao.  Hainan.  

KWIZ #72 KWIZ #71,  20.10.44.

I - Tyndal Kowloon Gas Works released.  100 Civilians interned.   Hainan POWs.

IIa - Jap naval vessels.  Aberdeen dockyard, Kowloon Docks, Taikoo dockyard.  Shipping observed, repairs.   Canton area.   Macao: lighthouse.  List: stores in Naval Dockyard/Kowloon Docks.

IIb - Bombing report.   Jap air unit strength/movement of stores.   Saiheung airfield.  Canton. Hainan.  List: airforce stores. 

IIc - Stanley firing practice.   KCR.   Canton area.   Hainan.   SC sitrep 

IIIb - Electricity supply.   HK brewery.   Farming and agriculture.   Canton area.   Macao.

KWIZ #72,  27.10.44.

I - Shamshuipo, POW working parties.   Argyle St, Camp sketch map..

IIa - Shipping count.  Shipping observed.   Naval dockyard.   Taikoo Docks, Kwong Hip Lung, Wing On, Taikoktsui.   Sea mines.   Raid report.   Japanese navy.  Detailed shipping report with sketches.

IIb - Bombing report.   AA positions.   Kai Tak tower.  Jap camouflage.   KCR area.  Yechau Island.

IIc - Jap Troop arrivals/dispositions.  W/T station.   Petrol storage.   Ammunition storage.   KCR, defences construction, underground tunnel.   South China  Jap Order of Battle.  South China  sitrep.

IIIb - HK Brewery.   Green Island Cement.   Hip Tung Wo metal smelting.  Chung Wah Book Co.   Commodity price list.  Collection of metals (bronze lions).  Food supply.  Population. Shipbuilder labour training.   Linmahang, Tsing Shan mine.  Electric cable collection.  KCR area.   Macao.   Hainan.

VI - Indian National Army, Karnail Singh.   Stanley Fort, Fanling, Sheung Shui.   Casualty reports.

KWIZ #73,  3.11.44.

I - Movement of POWs to Canton.   Hainan POWs.

IIa - Shipping count.  Shipping observed.   Sinkings and damage.   Swatow.

IIb - Bombing reports.   Smoke screens.

IIc - Jap Troop arrivals, artillery, storage.   KCR area, construction of defences.  SC Jap Order of Battle, reorganisation.   West River area occupied.  Swatow.   Kwangtung road report.  SC sitrep.

IIe - Chinese military, Chinese armies                                                                                                                                

IIIa - Third Nationals registration. Japan.

IIIb - HK Trade and Commerce Bureau.   Firewood and Charcoal control Syndicate.    Cigarettes.   Exchange.   Railway, tricycles taxis.  Conditions in HK 1942-44.   Shanghai. Japan.

IIIc - Jap propaganda leaflets.

IV - Red guerilla handbills, Law Mau Fun, Tsui Tung Loy.

KWIZ #74.  10.11.44.

I - American POWs.   Canton area.  Indian POWs.  Hainan.

IIa - Jap Naval vessels.  Shipping movements.  Shipping observed.   Kowloon Docks raid.  Hainan.  Detailed shipping reports.  Shipping sketches.

IIb - Bombing report.   Hainan, sketch map. Sam Ah airfield, Hung Lee airfield, Hainan airfields.

IIc - Canton area.   KCW.   Hainan.  Japan.   SC sitrep 45.

IIIa - Canton assassination etc..

IIIb - Bank interest rates.   Commodity supply and prices.  Empty oil 17.11.44.drums, wood oil, peanut oil.  Wing On Shing Shipyard, Kwong Shing Hing shipyard, To Nam shipyard Tokwawan.   Green Island Cement.   Gold, rice, prices.   Canton area.   Macao.   Hainan.

KWIZ #75,  17.11.44.

I - Shamshuipo.   Stanley mail and parcels.

IIa - Shipping count.  Kowloon Docks, Taikoo dockyard.   Sinkings and damage.   Shipping observed.  Shipments to Canton, Kinsei/Dansei Marus (ex Star Ferries).  Typhoon anchorage regulations.

IIb - AA.   Kai Tak.    Bombing report.   KCW.

IIc - Troop movements.  Aarrival of tanks.  Military occupied houses.   Petrol storage.  Ammunition storage.   Jap Troop dispositions, pillboxes.   New road Castle Peak.   Canton area, army commissariat sketch.  SC sitrep.

IIIa - Jap appointments.  Taxation.  Travel luggage restrictions.

IIIb - Currency, Exchange, gold.   Prices list.   Trade Association, Industrial Association.  Removal of machinery and metal.   Electricity supply.   Inland waterway/ferry fares.   Canton area.  Texaco Oil installation, Honan Island, Yechau Island, San Chau Island

VI - INA Swatow.

KWIZ #76,  24.11.44.

I - Shamshuipo, Bowen Road, Matauchung, Stanley.   POWs and working parties.   Canton.

IIa - Shipping count.  Sinkings and damage.   shipping observed.  Armament of  Jap vessels.  Naval Dockyard, Kowloon Docks, Cosmopolitan  Dock.  Canton area.

IIb - AA.  Kai Tak airfield.  Canton area, Sanchau Island.

IIc - Matauchung.   Ammunition storage.   Fuel storage.  Tsunwan (covered with netting).   Taimoshan defences.  New roads.   Tanks.  Guns removed from British Forts.   KCR.   Canton area.  Jap Order of Battle S.China.   Sketches: Texaco Oil installation,  Honan Island Canton, Yechau island, San Chau Island.. SC sitrep

IIIa - Red Cross correspondence regulations.   Gold dealings.   Movements of officials.  Third Nationals. Blood tests for Japanese.   Macao.

IIIb - Hip Tung Wo, Rikukawa Sono Engineering works, Green Island Cement, Chung Wa Book Co, HK Rubber Works, Lingnam Knitting works, HK Oxygen and Carbide Factory, Tokwawan Rubber factory.   Finance and Currency.   Diamond market.   Commodity supply and prices.   Electricity supply.   Trams and generators shipped to Japan.   KCR area: Jap collection of commodities.  Canton area.  Macao.  South China.  Occupied China.

IIIc - Newspaper reorganisation, censorship.

VI - Indian Independence League HK.   Canton area.

KWIZ #77,  15.12.44.

I -  Shamshuipo, working parties.  Anglo American POWs in Manchukuo.

IIa - Shipping in HK.  Shipping observed.  Shipping movements.   Naval Dockyard, Kowloon Docks, Bailey's Shipyard, Tsunan shipyard, Fukui Shipyard.  Small craft.  Wooden vessels.   Sinkings and damage.   Naval Dept strengths.  KCW area.  Sketch Jap torpedo boat.  List:  stores in Kowloon Docks.  Detailed shipping reports. Shipping sketches.     

IIb - AA.   Aircraft count.   Aircraft torpedoes.   Unit strengths and movements.   KCR bombing reports

IIc - Enemy dispositions.   Troop movements.  KCR area.   Canton area.   KCW area. Kowloon buildings under military occupation.   SC sitrep.

IIIa - Govt employees.  Taxation and revenue.   Well-known doctors.   Canton area.    HK membership card, ration ticket, ration shops

IIIb - Rice prices.   Finance and currency.  HK Oxygen Factory, Green Island Cement Works, Hip Tung Wo Engineering Works.   Collection of machinery: HK Oxygen Factory,  South China Iron Works, Nam Tsam Factory in Tokwawan, Sam Kwong Cloth Factory.  Water/electricity supply.     HK Brewery turned into electricity generating plant.   Ferry freight charges list:   Repatriation of Chinese.  Labour advertisement.  Supply of fertilizers.  KCR area.  Canton area. Macao.   KCW.  Occupied China. 

IIIc - Spreading of rumours.   Canton area.  Occupied China.

KWIZ #78, 22.12.44.

I - Administration of PW camps.  Shamshuipo, Bowen Road Hospital.   PW deaths and cemeteries.   Matauchung.

IIa - Shipping observed.  Shipping movements.   Naval Dockyard, Taikoo docks, Kowloon Docks, Cosmopolitan Dock.  Sinkings and damage.  Jap Naval vessels.  Detailed shipping reports, sketches. 

IIb - AA.  Bombing reports.  Aircraft count/movements.   Kai Tak airfield.   Cricket Club shelters.  Allied leaflet raid.  KCR.  Swatow.  Sketch Kai Tak airfield.

IIc - Jap troop arrivals.   Jap strength/dispositions/defences.   Petrol storage.  Military activity/Governor's Office.  New Saikung road.   Jap insignia.  KCR.  Canton.  Swatow.  Central china.   SC sitrep. 

IIIa - Organisation of Jap Government Offices.   HKSBC: Govt Depts layout.   Typhoon signals.  Travel regulations.   Education.   Public Hospital.   Compensation for Air raid casualties.  Jap Secret Service.  South China.

IIIb - Bank interest rate.   Commodity supply/prices.   Green Island, Oxygen factory, Hip Tung Wo, Bailey's shipyard, CLP.  HK-Canton trade.   Electricity.   Railway.   Ferries. Population, KCR area.   Macao.  KCW.  Central C: newspaper prices. C hina.

IIIc - Press:  newspaper prices.  Opium and Narcotics.

KWIZ #79,  29.12.44. 

IIa - Suicide Surface Craft.   Sinkings and damage.   Shipping observed 33.   Taikoo Dockyard, Aberdeen Dock, Bailey's shipyard.  Wooden auxiliary vessels.

IIb - AA.   Bombing reports.  Philippines.

IIc - Jap Troop arrivals/dispositions.  New Military Governor.  Defences.   Petrol storage.  Red guerilla activities.  KCR area: railway communications.   Canton.   KCW.   Kwangtung road report, sketch.    SC sitrep.

IIIa - New HK Governor.   Employment register.  Taxation.   Education.   Medical.   Dental clinic.   Canton area.   Shanghai.

IIIb - Price increases: rice, firewood, fish, milk.   Gas works, tobacco factory, brewery, petrol drums.  Insurance rates.   Theatre charges.   Collection of metals.   HK Electric power station generators.   Fuel substitute for electricity, water supply/rationing.   Red Cross correspondence regulations.   Birth returns.   Rents.   KCR area.   Canton.   Macao.  Central  China.   Japan.

IIIc - Street news broadcasts.   Ban on English language.

VI - Execution of Indians.  Indian working parties.

KWIZ #80, 5.1.45. [From NA WO343]

Ia - Shamshuipo, Bowen Road Hospital, POW working parties, Matauchung, Stanley.   PW mail.   PW casualties.  Storage of petrol in PW camps.   TC Monaghan execution.   Driver Osborne RASC in Japan.

IIa - Shipping, Sai On, HK ferries.   Shipping observed/movements.  Japanese blueprints of Taikoo ships.   Naval Dockyard (power supply), Taikoo Dockyard (power supply), Tsunan shipyard.   Sinkings and damage.   Naval Hospitals.   Naval Law Court.  Shipping reports.  South China.  Philippines.  Naval Dockyard generating stations 76.  Detailed shipping report, sketches.

IIb - AA.   Kai Tak: Aircraft count, arrivals .   Bombing reports.   ARP tunnels/warning system.   Jap AA gun positions 86-91.  Canton area.   Central China: Jap radio locator.  Sketches: Jap AA gun.

IIc - Jap Movements and dispositions.   Defences: Taimoshan, Saikung hills.   Petrol storage.  Military housing Blue Pool Road.   CLP building used as hospital.   Munitions factories Nam Tsam/Chung Uk/ Tai Hing (tram cars).   KCR area.  Canton.   South China.

IIIa - Governor Rensuki departs, administrative reorganisation.   Govt employees rice ration.   German missionaries.

IIIa- Jap Residential certificate 3.

IIIb- Finance and Currency.   Naval Dockyard, petrol price.   Commerce and Industry, CLP polishing rice.  Tsunan shipyard.   Removal of Machinery.   Mining and Metals.  KCR area.  Macao.  South China.

 IIIc- HK Press prices.  Jap transmitter detectors.  Organized vice.

KWIZ #81,  12.1.45.  [From NA WO343]

IIa- Shipping in Hongkong.  Dockyard danger pay.   Sinkings and damage.   Dockyards: Naval dockyard, Taikoo dockyard, Cosmopolitan Dock, Bailey's Shipyard, Lamma (Tungtai and Ah King)/Aberdeen. Shipping observed  Occupied China.   

IIb- Aircraft movements.  Bombing reports.  Japan.

IIc- Jap troop arrival/departures.  Defences: Taimoshan, Chikkang.   Oil Storage.   Road communications.   HK Tramway Workshops.  Lamtung Island.   KCR area, railway wagons.  Canton.    

IIIa- Jap military regulation.  Canton.   Occupied China.   FIC.   

IIIb- Firewood.   Dockyard danger pay.   Water Rates.   Horse Carriages.  KCR area.  Canton.  Macao.  Occupied China.  

KWIZ #82,   19.1.45.

IIa- Shipping.  Jap Naval vessels.   Smaller Dockyards.   Shipping observed.  KCW.   

IIb - AA.   Kai Tak..Bombing report.  KCR.

IIc - Jap troop movements.  Defences (Taimoshan).  Ammunition/Oil Storage,.  KCR (Jap Order of Battle).  Canton (Jap O of B).   KCW.  SC Sitrep.     Maps of Jap Sphere of Influence.

IIIb - Economic survey of HK 1944.  Electricity, water, transport, food supply.   Commodity Supply and Prices.  Transport.   Green  Island Cement works machinery removed.  KCR. 

KWIZ #8328.1.45.  

I- Stanley Gaol.  Ho Sai Wing assassinated.  US airmen in Formosa.

IIa- Shipping.  Naval Dockyard, Aberdeen Dock, Bailey's Shipyard.  Sinkings and damage.    Shipping observed.   China coast.  Sketch Lamma Shipyard aka Aberdeen Dock.  Detailed shipping reports.  Sketches. 

IIb- AA.  Kai Tak.  Wellington Barracks dummy aircraft.   Naval/Taikoo Dockyards.  Macao raid.   Philippines.   Formosa. 

IIc- Troops movements and dispositions (Fui ching Middle School).-   Defences.   Petrol storage.  Sentry posts.  KCR.   Kwangtung.   Canton.  Kwangsi Province.  KCW.   Central China.   SC Sitrep.  Situation map.    

IIIa- Revenue (horse racing).  Chinese gendarmes.   Canton.    

IIIb- Finance and Currency.  Commodity supply and  Prices ( list).   Removal of machinery (CLP).   Collection of metal.   KCR.   Canton.   South China.

IIIc- Air raid 8.12.44.   Macao.   South China.   

 KWIZ #84,   2.2.45.

IIa- Dockyards: Naval, Taikoo, Tung Tai, Ah King, Tsunan.   Sinkings and damage.   Jap Naval departments.  Naval Automobile Repair shop (HK Hotel Garage), vehicles shipped away.   Tung Tai shipyard sketch.  Ah King Shipyard sketch.  Wellington Barracks Camber sketch.  Detailed shipping reports.   Sketches.   Ah Kings shipyard and key, Wellington Barracks camber and key.   Shipping reports.

IIb- AA.   Bombing reports.   Jap aircraft markings and units.   Objects parachuted from aircraft.   ARP.  

IIc- Jap dispositions, Landing Party/Supply Units.   Defences.   POL storage.   Armament manufacture (Tai Hing Steelworks).   KCR:  Jap/Red clashes.   Kwangtung.  Canton.  SC Sitrep, map.   Sketchmaps: Taimoshan, Saikung, Tai Hing, hand grenade.   KCR area, highway map. 

IIIa- Jap ex-Governor.  Chinese collaborators  (Bombing raid 24.12.44).    Education.   Gendarmeries (Diocesan Girls School).   Prisons.    Wing On Shing yard worker's document.  Kwangtung.   

IIIb- Finance and Currency.   Price etc. of rice, price list.   Manufacture of W/T sets.  HipTung Ho Engineering works.   Fuel substitute for electricity, railway fuel.

IIIc- Press and Propaganda.   Radio equipment.   Reported Sabotage.  KCR.    Kwangtung.

KWIZ #85,  9.2.45.   42

IIa- Shipping count.  Sinkings and damage  (air raid 17.1.45).   Wing On Shing shipyard .   Kwong Hip Lung (Dainichi) shipyard, Wing On, Naval Dockyard.  Training of Seamen.   Shipping observed.  Canton.   Sketches:  Dainichi, Wing On Shing (landing craft).

IIb- raid report 17.1.45.  ARP.    Canton.   KCW.   Kwangtung.   China.   SC Sitrep.  

IIc- Jap troop arrivals.   KCR.   Hainan reports.   Kiangsi report.   Highway map.

IIIa- Jap appointments/administration etc.   Taxes.   Education.    Medicine and Public Health.   Charitable organisations.   Travel regulations.  Legal practitioners.  Kwangtung.  

IIIb- Finance and Currency.  Commodity Supply and prices.  Commerce and Industry (Theatre charges).   Electricity supply.   Water supply.   Fanling/KCR railway.   Bus fares.  S China.   Hainan.  

IIIc- Press and propaganda.   Price of Opium.   Forged Exit permits