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Profile for user muktao:

AO in Hong Kong 6 December 1983 to 30 August 2013. Married at St John's Cathedral 18 August 1984 to Wendy Wu - the reason for coming to Hong Kong as we had met in the UK. Three children all born in Hong Kong. My username is a direct translation of my English surname (with the same connotations!)

Profile for user Scott Glenn:

KGV 1964-70

From Wisconsin, USA.  Father worked for International YMCA.  Now I live in New Jersey USA

Profile for user Dawn Brettoner:

Looking for any information on my Ham Sule/Hamson family.

My great grandparents Henry Ham Sule and Elizabeth Ham Sule are known to have been in Hong Kong between 1885 and 1892. Elizabeth d.1917 in Melbourne, Henry's death unkown.

One of their sons, Richard Henry Hamson b.1870 in Castlemaine Aust d.1931 aboard 'Kwong Sai' is buried in Hong Kong as is Richard's wife Fanny d.1921.  Nothing at all is known of Fanny, only what is written on her gravestone.  Richard was a ship's engineer and appears to have travelled between Hong Kong, UK and Australia.

Richard and Fanny had three children, Arthur Bird Hamson, Constance Bird Hamson and Edgar Bird Hamson.

I have Allana Corbin's book 'Prisoners of the East' so I am hoping for some other leads.

Profile for user Margaret Francis:

I have found this site while searching for information about my uncle Joseph Hall who was killed in a flying accident in Hong Kong on 26 March 1946 and I see there is information about this crash listed.  The casualties were re-buried in Sai Wan Cemetery after the war and their are records can be found in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission registers.  The War Office record says Joseph was re-buried on 27 October 1947.   I have in the past seen a photograph of the graves on the mountain, but I don't know where the photo is right now.  We will be visiting Hong Kong and the cemetery in 2019, hence my research now.  Any information I can get through this site will be much appreciated and if I am able to I will be pleased to contribute if I have anything of interest.

Profile for user sapperrob:

Hi I was a serving sapper in 33 EOD, I am looking for any photos of my father who was Terry (Taff) Evans who would have been a corporal when we were in Hong Kong. i was born in Bowen road hospital in 1960, my father was in malaya in 1957. I hope someone can help me. this is his movements. 1950 training reg. 52-53 germany, 53-54 Korea, 54-55 Egypt, 55-56 Cyprus, 56-58 Stores evesham, 58-59 Malaya, 59-61 Hong Kong and Borneo, 61-66 Germany osnabruck, 66-68 waterbeach, 68-72 chattenden ponderosa. he was promoted to sgt in waterbeach.

Profile for user Peter Flynn:

Researching my grandparents who lived in HK in the 1920s and 30s.

Profile for user 2ik7ns-AW_:

Thank you to the community for responding to my posts.

I refer to my posts of photographs of what I assumed were of tombs I have been looking at postcards that are for sale on a well know auction site. One of these shows the grave of a weathly Chinese gentleman. This tomb is similar in design as the one in my photograph [ although not the same tomb]. It is interesting to note that the postcard had nothing on the back except "Published by M Starnborg Wholesale and Retail Postcard Dealer at No 51 Queens Road Central and No 54 Queens Road Central Hong Kong"

There is still an outstanding queries as to why two people were on the left and right of the possible tomb in a pose that appeared to show that they were guarding the entrance and where in Hong Kong was this tomb as there did not seem to be a lot of tombs, structures around the site.

Profile for user angie-r:

I grew up in Hong Kong and now reside in Seattle, Washington.  We lived on Nathan Road until the mid-fifties before moving to Kowloon Tong.

My father's family lived at #10 Broadwood Road before the second world war.  There were seven brothers in his family and four of them lost their lives during the war.

My mother's family lived at Lyemun Villas around Chatham Road and she had two older sisters and a brother. They moved to a flat on Granville Road after that.


Profile for user Jane.hanbidge:

Schools: Kennedy Rd, Peak School, Quarry Bay, KGV c1951 -1965

Profile for user Richard Langford:

Living on Cheung Chau. Arrived in HK 1994.