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My interest relates to my Grandfather Sidney George Smith, who died in 1944 at Stanley Camp, and his family, Anne Wilson Smith, and perhaps more importantly my cousins David and James the sons of Bill Cameron. 

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Hong Kong Middle age people, master in cultural studies. a Photo hobbylsts





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I find this a little confusing - bit slow when it comes to IT changes - but will just press on. I lived in Kowloon and then half way up The Peak in HongKong from 1954-1963. I am getting ill/old so want to complete an ancestry chart for my son. My father was captain of the Tjiluwah and then Tjiwangi, the 'yachts' of the Royal Interocean Lines. He'd gotten wind of the coming riots so by 1964 we were living in Australia. I have so many memories of HongKong but it looked so unlike now and i hoped there'd be information i could look at; to prove it wasn't a dream ;-)

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Helen Shipley

Interested in British Military presence, especially in the 1930s, as my father served in South Wales Borderers at San Wai Camp. 

I am intererested in learning more about Hong Kong in that era and before, for other research. I think my Uncle also has some association from when his Ship - Royal Navy - docked in Hong Kong. He got in a bit of bother - alcohol related and had to be rescued by my father, his older brother. Something about walking around the walls of a fort or similar. My memory is distgressingly vague on the matter.

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I am a descendent of a line of Master Mariners and Merchants operating in the Far East.  My great great grandfather, Charles Henry Hart, was one of the original successful bidders for marine lots during the first auction of Hong Kong land in 1841. He was based in Macau for many years and ran a trade between Macau, Hong Kong, (probably also Canton) Calcutta and Mauritius. I have come across an interesting reference to the Black Swan, a trading schooner owned by him, which was instrumental in rescuing the shipwrecked crew of the Nerbudda off the coast of Formosa in 1841.

Charles Henry married Areina Maria Pereira in Macau in 1839, but I have been unable to discover any information about her or her family.  Any help in researching Macau records would be much appreciated.

I am interested in any references to Charles Henry, or to his son Alexander Hart, born in Macau in 1850, who was a Commander with the Irrawaddy Flotilla before moving with his family to Paulo Bukom, Singapore in 1883 shortly before his death.

I am also researching his father and brother-in-law, John and John Thomas Gardiner, both Master Mariners, who operated between Mauritius, Moulmein and Shanghai.

My grandfather, Alexander John Campbell Hart was born in Rangoon and moved to Singapore with his father and family. After a spell in England and serving in the Boer War, he returned to Singapore where he went to work for Adamson Gillfillan and Company on Collyer Quay. He rose to become manager, and later to become Company Chairman in London before the the company became engulfed in the crash of the pepper futures maket in 1935.If anyone has information on this financial scandal I would be very interested.

Any leads would be most welcome!

Oliver Hart

Spirit of Oysterhaven Classic Schooner


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23 Oct 2018

Suzie Weill was my aunt and my father's sister (Leo Weill-son of Albert Weill and Rosie Weill) of Alberose Pokfulam, Hong Kong  I live in London, England and was in Hong Kong during the Jap occupation.  Peter Potts is my first cousin and I visited and worked in Hong Kong after WW2 for many years.  Vera Weill was my mother and after my father died in Shamshuipo camp near the end of WW2, she eventually married John Stericker who was with BAT in Hong Kong (author of a 'A Tear for the Dragon'.

Bernard Weill


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Relative of Sir James Russell 1842-1893. Lived in Honkong 1865-1892.

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I am trying to contact anyone who was in Hong Kong in the early 1960's who knew of St Christopher's Orphanage and/or my adoptive parents, Captain Alan Roderick Williamson (Roddy) and his wife Patricia Anne Williamson (Pat). I would like to receive any photos of them and/or with me as a baby. Sadly they have both passed on. They both had very fond memories of their posting in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaya and the friends they made. I am putting together a photo album as a memento to those early years for my own use (not publication).