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Profile for user Yipski:

British born Hong Kong Chinese; my parents moved to and married in the UK in the late 1960s.


Profile for user Damien Ng:

I am a researcher on old movies and Cantonese opera in Hong Kong.

Currently host my channel "Hong Kong Memory" on Youtube.

Profile for user JKPatton:

I lived in HK for several happy years in the 1980s. My interest in its history has been revived by reading two very remarkable books: Martin Booth's "Gweilo" and Barbara Anslow's "Tin Hats and Rice".

Profile for user Lynda Roxburgh:

Hello.  My 10 year old son is doing an ancestory project at school and is researching Hong Kong 1930 to his grandfather "Bob" was born there in 1937. Bob lived there with his mom, dad and older sister for several years.  They were British.  We have several pictures from 1937/1941 ;but, as the family passed away several years ago, we do not have lots of igeneral nfo.  At this point in my sons project, he would like to know about 1937 Hong Kong food.  He is wondering if the British ate the same diet as the people of Hong Kong.  Or, did the British have their food imported or ???   What would an upper scale restaurant serve in 1937 Hong Kong.   

We have looked online but cant find a basic list of foods.  Or, do you have a website that would help with this!  


Profile for user Charles in Shanghai:

Author of the book to be published "Charles in Shanghai"

Profile for user Fiona Craig:

UK resident researching family history of Andrew Johnston, engineer Hong Kong 19th century.  Date of birth 1844, born England and brought up in Scotland.  Apprenticeship Govan 1861 - 1866, travelled to China 1867.  1875 - 1881 Manager West Point Foundry, Hong Kong and Superintendent Engineer of Cosmopolitan Dock Company, Hong Kong.  1881 to 1886 Superintended erection and fitting up of Lee Yuen Sugar Refinery, Hong Kong and Manager there.  Probate granted in Hong Kong - trying to find copy of his Will.

Profile for user Ng Wan Yee Wendy:

An architectural conservationist

Profile for user Petit Prince:

Name: George Felix Chanduloy 陳炳江- of Chinese and French (the Seychelles) lineage, Hong Kong born and bred. Nephew of Andrew & Josephine Chanduloy (aka Andrew Chan Kwong Kee 陳廣基BAAG #78) and cousin to Mabel Lui (daughter of Lui Ka Yin/Li Fong BAAG #68  and Josephine). Education - Tak Sun Primary School 1948-1953, La Salle College 1953-1961, HKU BA Literature&French1964,MA Languages 1984, Diplôme Professeur de Français Langue Etrangère. Teacher l'Alliance Française HK, La Salle College, Ng Wah College. A monkey climbing the ever-branching 200 year old family tree, stuck on the the BAAG branch. Will appreciate helping hands to negotiate this branch.

Interests: operettes -European and American, weztern operas, Cantonese opetas (though I can't read Chinese),Classical music (esp moyen âge & baroque) light music, French 'chansons' Classical drama (Greek), English drama (17th & 18th century), French drama (Beaumarchais and Marivaux), literature (Romantics) Admire Sculpture and paintings, dabble in painting and woodetching. Maybe gardening(?)

Profile for user Sam Cheung:

4th Generation HKer living in Australia

Profile for user CGuarde:

Chinese Philosophy Professor

Interested in Hong Kong Archaeology and British heritage