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Interested in old Hong Kong

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Grew up in HK 1968-84, when I went to college overseas.  Father was at the Marine Dept.  Went to Kennedy Road Jr School and then KGV.  Amazing times growing up in HK!

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I arrived in Hong Kong by troopship Dunera from what was then Aden in roughy May 1960 as an RAPC corporal attached to “A” Company 1st battalion The Royal Warwickshire Regiment. As a National Serviceman I had to return to the UK by December 1960 for demob and was transferred to an Artillery Unit who where also returning. We embarked on the Troopship Oxfordshire for the ten week trip circa in October 1960

My battalion the Warwicks were based at Fanling Queens Barracks where regular patrols were conducted along the Chinese border

i remember a typhoon passing through in 1960

We took regular trips down by train to Kowloon during our short stay in the area

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew of us in those days


Brian Swain


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PhD student studying Hong Kong

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My Gwulo user name--ssuni86--is an homage to the SS Universe, the ship that first carried me to Hong Kong in 1986 as a university student in the Semester at Sea program.  In the 1960s this program partnered with C.Y. Tung, who planned to use the Queen Elizabeth as a floating university campus.  Regrettably, the Queen Elizabeth burned in Victoria Harbor before it could be refitted for the Semester at Sea program, then known as World Campus Afloat.  C.Y. Tung offered the SS Universe as a replacement ship.  Semester at Sea is still going strong today with Colorado State University as its academic partner.

Since the waning colonial days of 1986 I have visited Hong Kong numerous times and in various capacites--tourist, travel writer, transit lounger, teacher, and academic researcher.  Over time my interest in Hong Kong's history has focused on the American air war over the occupied colony during the Second World War.  I have published articles on this subject in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong and have written a book as well: Bold Venture: The American Bombing of Japanese-Occupied Hong Kong, 1942-1945 (University of Nebraska Press/Potomac Books, 2019).

I am a now tenured professor of English at Central Michigan University, which is located in the center of the mitten.  If you know Michigan, you'll get the reference.

--Steven K. Bailey


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Dr. Roy Eric Xavier is the Director of the Portuguese and Macanese Studies Project at U.C. Berkeley’s “Institute for the Study of Societal Issues”. His research focuses on the history of Luso-Asian and Macanese communities around the world, and cultural and economic diversity in modern day Macau, a Special Administrative Region of China.

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Former history teacher at SIS and GSIS with MPhil in Chinese history. Now in Penang but HK resident for 31 years. No specific interests in HK but have researched 19th century public health and law and order.

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Whilst I work in the hospital industry based in Cumbria,England. I have always had a passion for history, not only because my family seem to have lived such fascinating lives but because each time I look I find out something new.

A main focus on research is the Far East 1920s-1960s period when the family lived between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.


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I was born in Hk and lived there until the 1970s although away for boarding school etc. I went to Little Peak School, then peak School, and lived mainly on the Peak. Dont have any photos, but many memories