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Living in Hong Kong. Born in Hong Kong.

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I was a crewmember of Lincoln aircraft RE358 we flew up to HK from Singapore where we were engaged in a war with the communists in Malaya. The reason for the visit to Hk was for the flying display at Kai Tak.

The Captain of the aircraft was Flight Sergeant Joe Kmiecik .

Best wishes 



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Hi all,

I am interested to learn about the activities of the Royal Artillery in Hong Kong and Singapore upto and just after the fall of singapore in February 1942.  Any information gratefully received

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I arrived in Hong Kong by troop ship as a seven year old in 1952. My father was in the army and had come out two years earlier. There was also my mother and younger brother.

When we arrived we were resident in a Kowloon hotel until we moved to Fort Stanley.  I attended an army school here. Our next move was to the army barracks at Lei Yue Mun. From here I still travelled to school at Fort Stanley in an open back army truck. After a short time my parents moved me to St Paul’s Convent School at Causeway Bay. We left Hong Kong in 1955. 

In recent years I have returned twice. 

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hi. i m kennth.

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British born Hong Kong Chinese; my parents moved to and married in the UK in the late 1960s.


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OneDay connects estate agents with clients, buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords.

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I am a researcher on old movies and Cantonese opera in Hong Kong.

Currently host my channel "Hong Kong Memory" on Youtube.