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I have been very interested to follow the discussion about Wan Chai Methodist Church. I am a museum curator at Manchester Museum in the UK. I am researching for a new China gallery opening in 2021. I am trying to find photographs of Revd Edgar Dewstoe (1873-1951) who laid the foundation stone at the building of the church in 1936.  He and his wife Sallie or Sarah's  collection of textiles and other objects are now in Whitworth Art Gallery. We would like to show them in the new gallery as an example of  the connections between Manchester and China. One of your subscribers mentioned that there is film of this foundation ceremony. I'd be really interested to take a look at this if possible. 


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Long time HK Resident

Profile for user Paul Fowler:

Son of Brian Fowler who was at RAF Mount Davis 1956/58

Profile for user Paul Cheetham:

I am a retired english general medical practitioner, living in Cornwall. The late Gerald Gerald George Wood is my first cousin once removed and is my interest in Hong Kong.

Profile for user Nat Fong:

PhD student at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, studying Chinese merchants and their transnational business networks.

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, studied in Belgium

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My connection is that my Uncle was a 2nd Engineer in the employ of Jardine working for the Indo-China Steam Navigation Company and when the Japanese invasion was imminent, he volunteered for duty with the HKDDC - he and some of his fellow crewmen were assigned to the Royal Navy aboard the RN armaments tug 'Gatling' and was thus on board when the tug was struck by a bomb during a Japanese raid on 18th December 1941. He and most of the crew on board were killed. Earlier research has confirmed that 'Gatling' was not written off in the attack but was salvaged and later returned to service under different names for several years after the war. What I am really hoping to find is an image, a drawing or a plan of the boat but I have thus far drawn a blank. I was hoping that maybe something might surface from the wealth of information on this site.



Profile for user TimothyChan:

born in 1984, a local Hong Konger, working as a pastor in one of the earliest churches in Kowloon Side.

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My grandfather was a British soldier who fought in the Korean War around 1952 and was stationed in Hong Kong around the time of his service. After he died in 1981, his wife, my British grandmother, found some pictures in my grandfather's possession of him with a Hong Konger woman, Shingping Lai, and their baby. We have strong reason to believe that my grandfather had a child out in Hong Kong in the early 1950s, with who we have no contact whatsoever. We would love to communicate with this person somehow, using this website as a source of possible information. 

Profile for user Felicity O'Malley:

I was born in the UK in 1941. I lived in Hong Kong from 1951. I attended the Maryknoll Convent, Kowloon-side, then K.G.V  We lived at North Point, above the Metropole Hotel, next to the Hong Kong Electric Club to which my parents belonged. My mother Pat Bodger taught at Quarry Bay School and remained friends with the headmistress Olive Burt and her husband Sidney. My father was with the Royal Engineers. We left Hong Kong and returned to my birthplace, Fleet, in Hampshire: but my parents kept in touch with her friends the Burts and the Worralls. Bill and Raquel Worrall's son Ricky used to stay with us on his short holidays from Truro Cathedral School. Olive and Sidney's son Chris was also around my age and came to visit with his sister and parents.