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Profile for user steveandbee:

Left Sheung Shui for UK when I was 10. Now trying to find out more about Sheung Shui in the 70s

Profile for user Scott Campbell:

Looking for a friend from Kowloon/ that I knew from when she lived in San Francisco California USA back in the early 1980's.

Profile for user HughS:

I lived at 12 Ventris Road from 1954-1958 (aged 3 - 7 yrs old) with my parents Alan and Bunty Sainsbury, sister Susan, and from 1957, sister Ruth. My father taught at Queen's College, Causeway Bay. I attended Quarry Bay School from age 5.

Profile for user Romer92:

Journalist - interested in early 20th Century HK

Profile for user Eric_B:

Lived in Hong Kong 1972-1992, two of those years January 82 thru April 84 in Tantallon Terrace, Kowloon Docks. A very enjoyable two years. We moved out and it came down shortly after.

Profile for user Alexandra 133:

I lived in Hong Kong as a child, my dad in navy based at Tamar. We lived Jubilee Buildings and left after 3 years in 1962

I went back to Hong Kong in 2016 and had an amazing time in a still wonderful place


Profile for user blueheron:

Lived in Repulse Bay 1973-78

Profile for user Haseleyite:

Dear all, just had to add my five penarth. I stayed at Carlton Hotel with my parents in the 60's when my father and other BOAC air crew were stationed there on 6 month postings (Boeing 707's) . I remember the pool being built, boasting it was first hotel in Hong Kong with a swimming (not sure how accurate that was)

Looking at Google Earth I am 99% certain the building is still there and is home to HK Rainbow Mission a childrens charity on Tai Po Road which was the old road leading out to the new Territories.

I am stopping in HK in 18 days time and will make pilgrimage to see.

Best wishes

Peter Hill

Profile for user emitchan:

Living in Hong Kong. Born in Hong Kong.

Profile for user manyuenbo:

thank you