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Guidelines for typing a Jurors List

The idea of these is to help keep names, addresses, etc consistent across people and years. The single most important thing you can do to help is to follow the spreadsheet's suggestions when you're typing:

Follow the spreadsheet's suggestions

Let's say you're adding a new person to the list, and they work for "Hongkong & Kowloon Wharf & Godown Co., Ltd.". As you can imagine, it's easy to make spelling mistakes, so we end up with several different versions of the name in the spreadsheet - not good.

What's this, & how to help

We're taking the old Hong Kong Jurors Lists, typing them out, and moving them online. It's all done by volunteers like you and me, a page at a time.

Please join in and help - it only takes around 30 minutes to finish a page. You can find full instructions here - just look for the first line that says 'Started ...' and click on that.

Thanks for your help!


Misspelt tag - Chung Chau, not Cheung Chau

I have accidentally added a misspelt tag. Please can you delete Chung Chau.



Birthday Buildings in 2019

This is the seventh year I've made these lists, and for the first time we have a building on the '175-year-old' list. Before we take a look at that, let's see how the lists for the other birthday years look.


50-year-old buildings:

The list of 50-year-olds is short this year, though I'm sure there are lots more buildings that were finished in 1969 and are still standing. One reason we don't see them listed on Gwulo is that we don't think of them as old. But in Hong Kong the typical lifespan for a building is only 40-60 years, so these are already our buildings' senior citizens!

The best known of the 50-year-olds is St George's Building. There's a glimpse of it on the left of these two photos.

View of HK from Kowloon
View of HK from Kowloon, by petespix75


Photos from HK 1976 - 1985
Photos from HK 1976 - 1985, by Born in HK


It stood out from the other buildings along the seafront because of its dark colour. It replaced this building, which was also called St George's Building:

Shewan & Tomes Head Office
Shewan & Tomes Head Office, by Admin


75-year-old buildings:

Listing of tags


I am working with a colleague who is keen to tag the photos he plans to upload with appropriate tags. We have read the recommendations about tagging, but wondered whether there is anywhere on GWULO that we can view all available tags and make sensible choices rather than running the risk of creating new tags when suitable ones already exist.



Video upload


I would like to share some video footage on GWULO but can't find an upload option. Can you help please?



Enquiry regarding wedding photo #2

Can anyone assist in identifying the people in this wedding photo. The photo is from the collection of Mavis Gock Ming and dates between 1939 and 1941.

Enquiry regarding wedding photo

Can anyone assist in identifying the people in this wedding photo. The photo comes from the collection of Mavis Gock Ming and dates between 1939 and 1941

New on Gwulo: 2019, week 41

A look at what's new on Please click on the photos or the blue links for more information - and please leave a comment if you can add any new details.


  • Thanks to BM, Grace, kathrynsa, tkjho, and wingcli2015, who've all helped type up the 1931 Jurors List. As usual, the vast majority of the jurors worked as assistants or clerks, but there are some more eye-catching job titles too.
    • The 'Air Pilot' must have been one of Hong Kong's first professional pilots.
    • Did the 'Assistant Official Measurer' spending his day measuring officials?
    • There are also several people listed with the job title of 'Per Pro.' We're more used to writing it as 'pp.', when we sign on behalf of someone else. I guess those 'Per Pro.' entries on the 1932 list had been signed off by another person, and the text was typed into the final document by mistake!
  • We've started typing up the 1932 Jurors List. If you can spare 30 minutes, please join in and help by typing up a page.
  • Book updates:
    • Volume 1 will soon be sold out, so it's time to re-print it again.
    • Ross has started sending me his edits of Volume 3. It's always humbling to find out just how many mistakes I make in my writing!
  • I've listed newspaper mentions of where dragon boat races were held up til WW2. It was part of the research for a photo in Volume 3, looking at how the races moved out from the fishing villages to a broader audience.
  • More Royal Navy vessels: HMS Princess CharlotteHMS L4
  • Les Bird has posted several photos of Vietnamese refugees arriving in Hong Kong, to illustrate his recent talk on RTHK's Hong Kong Heritage.




Started 1932, pages 1-34

This is the latest Jurors List we're making searchable - here's how to join in, it'll only take around 30 minutes of your time.

We'll take the previous year's spreadsheet, then work through it page-by-page and edit in any changes so it matches this year's Jurors List.


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