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Guidelines for typing a Jurors List

The idea of these is to help keep names, addresses, etc consistent across people and years. The single most important thing you can do to help is to follow the spreadsheet's suggestions when you're typing:

Follow the spreadsheet's suggestions

Let's say you're adding a new person to the list, and they work for "Hongkong & Kowloon Wharf & Godown Co., Ltd.". As you can imagine, it's easy to make spelling mistakes, so we end up with several different versions of the name in the spreadsheet - not good.

What's this, & how to help

We're taking the old Hong Kong Jurors Lists, typing them out, and moving them online. It's all done by volunteers like you and me, a page at a time.

Please join in and help - it only takes around 30 minutes to finish a page. You can find full instructions here - just look for the first line that says 'Started ...' and click on that.

Thanks for your help!


Hong Kong Shipping Agents Advertisements 1968

The Port of Hong Kong 1968 edition carries a wealth of information about the port its services and regulations. A total of 97 liner services and principal shipping companies and their agents are listed. 

Rootes Group and Mordaunt Bannerman

Dear all,

I'm researching Mordaunt Francis Bannerman (22 December 1907 to 7 March 1973), head of car manufacturer Rootes Group in Hong Kong in the late 1960s. He was related by marriage to Sir John Walsham, envoy to China from 1885 to 1892.

Darryl Lundy has an excellent write up on his The Peerage site. 

New on Gwulo: 2019, week 26

A look at what's been added / updated at Please click on the photos or the blue links for more information - and please leave a comment if you can add any new details.


Summer holidays!

Sorry for the double dose of newsletters - we're getting ready to head to the UK for our summer holidays, so I wanted to send these out before we leave this evening.

While we're away, you can see what contributors are adding to Gwulo by checking the "Recent posts" page. There are also a couple of exhibitions in Hong Kong over the summer that look interesting:

Or if you fancy some holiday reading:

  • Bob Tatz has published his memoir, "Lost in the Battle for Hong Kong". Brian Edgar writes that it's "The real Empire of the Sun", and continues "I’m sure many readers will be moved by the way in which that scared and abandoned orphan boy eventually found fulfilment in work, love and parenthood."
  • Another valuable addition to the records about WW2 Hong Kong is "The First Shall Be Last". It's a thick book, over 600 pages long, with the bulk of the content coming from John Charter's diary of events during the fighting and through the long internment at Stanley. Every new diary we read gives new viewpoints on events, but this diary also stands out for the level of detail recorded. John writes well, making it an easy read as well as an informative one.






THE CROWN COLONY of HONG KONG - A guide for H. M. Forces

I acquired this on eBay a few years ago. It was printed in August 1945 by the Government Press in Colombo, for servicemen in the British Armed Forces who were heading to Hong Kong.



Sugar & Oil: Dutch Hong Kong in the 1920s

This story starts with a photo album I bought a few years ago. It originally belonged to Mr Antony Bosje, a Dutch man living in Hong Kong in the 1920s. Here he is:

c.1925 Antony Bosje


What was Hong Kong's Dutch community like in the 1920s?

Looking for New Victoria Hotel At Queen's Road Central

Hi Everyone,

I am doing a special research on old hotels in Hong Kong, in particular,

the old Victoria Hotel (New Victoria Hotel) which existed in 1888 till the early 1900s

until the building collapsed in 1902(????).  In 1898, the New Victoria Hotel had an

address at 9 Queen's Road Central. My question is, with several street renumbering

since that time, where do you think "#9 Queen's Road Central" is located today at QRC?

Thank you for your help. Cheers!


New Exhibition of HK maps & photos @ HKUST, 18 Jun – 2 Oct, 2019

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are showing a selection of old photos and maps of Hong Kong. Many of the photos appeared in the recent Steps Through Time exhibition I prepared for The Pottinger Hotel, so this is a second chance to see them. The exhibition also shows historic maps from the HKUST Library Special Collections, and from local private collections.


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