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Articles tagged "Happy Valley"

Iron Gate at Hong Kong Cemetery in Happy Valley

Hello! Does anyone know what year the iron gate on Stubbs Road that leads into Hong Kong Cemetery was built? I'm sorry I don't have a picture yet, but I'll try to find the time to take one next week. I have enquired at the Hong Kong Cemetery and the HK Museum of History, but no one knows. There is no date marked on the gate either. I would be so grateful to find out! Thanks in advance!  

Christmas Bazaar at Royal HK regiment HQ around sport rd and morrisson hill?

When I was a kid living in HK on Queen's Road East close to the army barricade on sports road, I enjoyed very much going each year to the Christmas Bazaar when the militrary facility was open to the public.  I was particularly fond of riding the mules. Today I am trying to write some memoir of my childhood.  I ask if anyone has some photos of the Christmas bazaar so I can show to my friends here in Canada.


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