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Articles tagged "tram"

Fares - Tram and Ferry

I should know this but can't remember.

What were the upper and lower deck fares on the trams? Did childrem pay half fares? I presume there were conductors on both decks.

When were the conductors replaced by cash receptacles?

Same questions for the Star Ferry - except of course there were no conductors. When did tokens replace cash?

Was the Yaumati Ferry fare the same as the Star Ferry?



1910s photos along the tram line

We'll take a tram ride from west to east, looking out at 1910s Hong Kong as we go.

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A couple of things to watch for. First, notice how the trams change shape. They start the decade with just a single deck, then later add an open upper deck, and finally acquire a canvas roof. This view catches the first transition from single- to double-deck:

Trams near Arsenal Street

Away from the tramline, the main event of the decade was the First World War. You'll also see several photos of

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