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Articles tagged "factory"

1960 - apartments and travelling from Canton to Hong Kong

Hi everyone! A few questions. How would someone travel from Canton to Hong Kong in the late 50s-early 60s? Which ports in Canton and HK would have been used? My grandma moved to HK in 1961 aged 20. She worked as an accountant at a factory that made leather gloves - any ideas of where abouts this factory would have been?

Also, does anyone have any pictures/experience of living in an apartment at that time, and what were they like? I know most people here are probably white middle class, but I am interested in seeing apartments that the Chinese would have lived in.

Industrial heritage in Hong Kong

I am putting together a list of past industrial sites (and some present ones) in Hong Kong, with links to the relevant Gwulo pages (or if there is no dedicated Gwulo page for them yet, Public Works Department Annual Reports). There is already a very comprehensive list on the Industrial History of Hong Kong website - my list is just trying to group together relevant Gwulo pages and PWD sources.  For now, I have not included sites such as godowns, wharves, piers, electricity substations, etc as they are so numerous that it would be a time-consuming task.

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