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Articles tagged "royal navy"

Naval Dockyard Street Names

Going over a 1957 Naval dockyard map I found the following street names.  They seem to be all named after a Royal Navy ship, although I can only find a Narcissus not Marcissus


Marcissus Road

Princess Charlotte Road

Swift Road

Charybdis Road

Glory Road

Tamar Road

Ocean Road

Imperieuse Road

Prince Royal Road

Vengeance Road

Rodney Road

Centurion Road

Victor Emmanuel Road

Audacious Road

Leander Road

Astera Road

Andromeda Road

An account of Hong Kong leading up to the Japanese invasion in 1941

"A Voyage to War: An Englishmans's Account of Hong Kong 1936-41" by Hugh Dulley

A brief description of the book:-

Hugh Dulley’s father (Peter Dulley) and mother (Therese Sander) met in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve 1935. Four years later at the outbreak of war, Peter, a weekend sailor, was called up in the Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. He eventually graduated to command an ocean-going tug of 500 tons from Hong Kong to Aden. En route he called at islands still enjoying pre-war peacetime and navigated across the Indian Ocean using a sextant.

Photo album of Rear-Admiral Victor Gallafent Gurner

Some great old photos of Hong Kong from early 1900s, including naval ships, Deep Water Bay, golfing and snipe shooting in Fanling. Album 1 and 3 have photos of Hong Kong. He was a first lieutenant on cruiser Cresser, which was torpedoed in 1914, and commanded HMS Monmouth and HMS Albion on the China station. Also has photos of Chemulpo Bay in Korea, where the Japanese fought the Russians, and other places.

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