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Articles tagged "RAF"

Cricket at Sek Kong

The lengthy fax would arrive about once a week, sent to all cricketers of the Chinese University, announcing an upcoming match and asking if we could play. Sent by the captain David Gilkes, the Bursar, who didn’t use email.

RAF's arrival in Hong Kong-1945

An interesting article starting on page 32 onwards to page 45 of this PDF covering the RAF’s arrival in Hong Kong in 1945

Most of the story has been told in various formats in previously published documents.

One map/diagram shows Ping Shan and Ka Tak far way from where they actually are..

Old Graves in Ping Shan New Territories


I'm looking for photos or other material taken in the Ping Shan of the New Territories before 1980. My family had an ancestral memorial (graves) there, within walking distance of Old Ping Shan police station. It was exhumed owing to the development of Hong Kong in the late 80's or so.

The location of the original site has been lost. I would like to collect more images and information of the surrounding area at the time, for the benefit of future generations.

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