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Articles tagged "photos"

Restored & Colourized Hong Kong Photos

I am a professional photo restorer and colourizer who works, for the most part, on antique sports images. But I have a great love of old Hong Kong images as well and have done a number of them. 

Victoria Gap and Peak Tram 1890-1930

In science there is a term called data mining – extraction of new informations and interrelations from already existing data. I had the idea of image mining – using images on Gwulo for new (unreported) connections and timelines.

My special interests are buildings on Barker Road, so I chose from Gwulo photos of Victoria Gap and the Peak Tram with Barker Road on them.

Let’s start in 1890. This one was probably taken from Severn Road and shows the Peak Tram and Mount Austin.

Photos of Edith Jacks

Hi Everyone 

I have written the biography of Hong Kong Land Officer Philip Jacks (1877-1941). My book is to be published in late February by Australian Scholarly Publishing. I have two photos of Philip Jacks but would very much appreciate a picture of his wife Edith (nee Edith Elliot Kirkpatrick Picard) or any of the Jacks children--Harold, Mary or Audrey. 

If you know of any photos please get in contact with me:


Photos of old Hong Kong

Here we bring together the photos of old Hong Kong that are hosted on Gwulo, plus links to other collections.

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