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british military hospital 1972

nice clear shot of the former British military hospital/Island School on Bowen Road taken in 1972. Is the little house on the left still there? I can't remember. You can also see the Wanchai reclamation in the background. shot is taken from 7 Bowen Road, now Fairlane Towers I think


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I believe it is there.  At least the photo being used by the current version of Google Earth dated Feb 2009 still show it.  It had been surrended by vegetation, however.  I remember the stone pillars and a guard house on Bowen Road still exist.  The pillars and the guard house was boarded up for maintenance few months ago when I last walked by.

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The little house is now part of Mother's Choice, and houses some of the organisation's full-time volunteers, and is office to the adoption department, as wells as other activities.  The building was expanded some time ago, though I don't know when.  So, the pillars you see on the outside of the house in the picture are now only visible from inside the building.

This photo was certainly taken from 7 Bowen Road, but it is Viewpoint not Fairlane Towers.  I lived in both buidlings and this is probably taken from the top of the drive at ground floor level in order to be this far out.  That ramp on the right led to the block of flats next door to Fairlane Towers which was 7B Bowen Road.  The new buidling is still called that, but it is a different number.

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We were living in that house in 1972 as my father worked at Island School. I have recently been back and the house is still there although doesnt look quite the same as it's painted white with boarded up verandahs. It looks very run down. It is also surrounded by very tall buildings!

When that picture was taken it was a fabulous place to live!


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I'm an architecture student, and am studying the history of this building. May I ask what is this building used for around 1972? Thanks a lot!!!


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If it is the old British Military Hospital building complex that you are asking, googling it should give you quite a truck load of information.  Try to use 'French Mission Building +Bowen Road' in Google Search as a start.



There are more photos, and some more history at the main page for this building:

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