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Pillbox 034 [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists


Hi Tommy,

Please could you tell us a bit more about the background to the new Places you've added, especially any sources that mention them or photos that show them.

We've got a page for Pillbox 34 but it's on Hong Kong island near Shek O (see https://gwulo.com/node/19316), so it'll be good to know more about the pillbox this page refers to.

Regards, David

Hi There,

I am sort of a sceptic on this.  If there was a military pillbox there, why we did not hear anything of it during the establishment of the public park?  Even documentaries (TV and photo book) did nto mention this.

In the park, there were refurbished old buildings made of grey bricks that used to be the office\court of the Chinese officials (A military guy from Da Peng (in present day Shenzhen) if I did not mis-read the docs).  In the approximate location of the then South Gate, there is on exhibition a deep pit shoting the coundation of part of the wall or a building. 

Sorry, it does not add up.  You would have to provide very convincing information for this.


I'm also curious about this one:https://gwulo.com/node/51362

Hi Phil,

The other one would likely be inside the Sheung Li Uk Garden.  But Both GeoInfo Map nor the HK Geoglogy mobile app Map show any ruins.  But the slopes there had been artificial of sort.  If there were ruins likely they were destroyed when the garden was built.



I walk past here almost everyday, and other than an area between the slope and the road that has been fenced off, I can't see anywhere else where it could have been. Would like to know the original source for the location.