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Lei Yue Mun/Lyemun Barracks

anyone recognise the buildings?

*Since confirmed as Lei Yue Mun 

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Would these buildings be associated with Taikoo Dockyard?

Is that Maryknoll in the background?

The original photo look like quarters. Looked at the Swire Archives. Cannot detect a match.

could be Maryknoll - here's a pic from the other side - photo has a Stanley feel about it but don't recognise any of it


Stanley Barracks?

My guess is Lye Mun Barracks with Mount Parker in the background. The barrack buildings look similar. Its now a holiday village but the barrack buildings are well preserved.

Phil Cracknell

I think Phil is correct, the centre building on the platform looks very much like Block 30 at Lei yue Mun Barracks. The following picture is taken from the Antiquities and Monuments Office heritage assessment reports.

Block 30, Lei Yue Mun Barracks









That looks pretty convincing to me.

Good call Phil.

Good match.

great work everyone, knew someone would get it - will retitle

I lived here 1957-9. Played as a child in the jungle below the flats. The view appears to be looking up from playing field towards Tennyson or Milton block on the higher parts of the area. This was up a winding road from what is now the entry to holiday park and was formerly the guardroom. I recall many times walking this area as a child. There was a small zoo opposite the guardroom -yes really- containing monkey. I recall many snakes, once seeing a chinese soldier standing outside the barracks with a broom held to the head of a very large snake whilst he waited for help. Often had to run to the guardroom to get a chinese soldier to come and deal with snakes. I attended Fort Stanley then Victoria schools. Wonderful memories.