star ferry

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:36

great shot of the relatively new ferry pier. note the old style benches (and lack of greenery) - you can still find these near the central peak tram station/squash centre. 80s Kid

Date picture taken
2 Jan 1965


The original photo appears here:

A similar scene 30 years on but with more hustle and bustle.

The benches are the same except someone in Govt. had decided to partition the benches so that three people could sit down closely together to enjoy the views of the harbour! The locations of the trees are the same.

What has changed. More tall buildings, cranes and reclamation works. Nothing unusual for this town anymore! Old street lighting by Hong Kong Electric. Vehicles have encroached the area in front of City Hall and the former Queen's Pier. The Discovery Bay boats have encroached on the eastern end of the Star Ferry Pier. The Star Ferry not only runs to Kowloon but also to Hung Hom. 

1990s Star Ferry




and the palm trees are still as spindly! I think the bench barriers are to prevent people from sleeping on them. amazingly the different 'historic' lamp-posts remain today, surrounded  by reclamation and road works; a little known collection

80s Kid